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Health Professions Pedagogy and Leadership

Graduating class of MS in HPPL

Congratulations to May Santiago, Ariella Dalfen, Maria Walsh, and Nicholas Hernandez on their graduation!

The growing demand for credentialed health professions educators has sparked an increase in pedagogical programs throughout the country and around the globe. Hofstra's Master of Science and Advanced Certificate programs join an existing community of advanced degrees, which aim to prepare clinicians to be leaders in health professions education and effective teachers within their role as faculty. Standards set forth by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) recognize the professionalization of the health discipline's teaching component and the critical need for mentorship of future health professionals. The extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge/skills that is expected of clinicians today calls for faculty that are formally trained as clinician educators.

Read how Maria Walsh ’19 overcame the ultimate obstacle to graduate with her master’s in Health Professions Pedagogy and Leadership.

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The School of Education offers two post-graduate programs:

These programs are designed to prepare clinicians who provide care to patients with an expanded role as a clinician educator for students, residents, externs and fellows, and to advance in leadership roles in their fields. This foundational knowledge will be applicable to futuristic trends in health professions education and practice. The focus is on advancing teaching, leadership, and research skills applicable to established healthcare educational environments. The executive programs’ flexible structure, which incorporates distance learning, streamlines time to degree for full-time working professionals; the M.S. in particular can be completed in 1-3 years depending on the amount of credits students are able to take per semester. You can see an example of a plan of study for 1 year completion or 2 year completion above.


  • A capstone project is incorporated into the program to allow students to apply their new knowledge of educational principles and leadership into the clinical settings in which they work.
  • The program combines the expertise and resources of Hofstra University’s School of Education, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, and Northwell Heath to afford students with a comprehensive learning experience.

Goals of the Curriculum
The scope of this program extends beyond the depth and breath of traditional professional development offerings provided in the work environment. This graduate program ensures that those who lead and train health care professionals develop the vision, knowledge and skills to:

  • plan and implement innovative educational programs,
  • foster continuous quality improvement, and
  • develop skills that support effective teaching in a multitude of settings where practice occurs and with diverse adult learners.
  • apply best practices to assess and evaluate academic programs.
  • lead education initiatives and programs
  • disseminate scholarship related to educational research

Who should apply?
All health professionals and administrators overseeing education programs in academic settings or preparing for leadership roles can benefit from this program. Applicants commonly have the following occupations:

  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Clinical social workers/therapists
  • Nutritionists
  • Chaplains
  • Clinical preceptors/supervisors
  • Clinician educators
  • Program directors and department chairs
  • Institutional leaders
  • Allied health professionals

Applications for admission should be made to the Office of Graduate Admission at hofstra.edu/gradapply.

Students who do not fully meet admission requirements may be required to complete prerequisite courses concurrently with the program requirements. Admission is based on a comprehensive review of multiple criteria, including the following:

  • A completed application to the program.
  • A minimum of a bachelor's degree, with strong preference for an advanced degree in a healthcare setting. Applicants are only required to upload transcripts from their terminal degree.
  • A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.
  • A written personal statement of professional intent and rationale.
  • An interview with the program director.
  • References and other materials may be required upon review of application.
  • Current resume

Can I take courses prior to applying?
Prior to enrolling, students may apply on a non-matriculated basis. This is an abbreviated application process that allows student to take up to 6 credits to be used for personal or professional development, as prerequisites for advanced study, or be applied toward a degree in the future. Please click here to download the application for non-matriculated graduate enrollment. Prospective students may also check to see course offerings each semester by clicking here. All non-matriculated students register through the Office of Graduate Admission under the advisement of the Program Director.


For more information about the program, please contact:
Alice Fornari, EdD, RD
Assistant Vice President of Faculty Development, Northwell Health
Associate Dean of Educational Skills Development, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine
Professor of Science Education, Occupational Health and Family Medicine, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine
Adjunct Associate Professor, Hofstra School of Education
Email: Alice.Fornari[at]hofstra.edu
Appointment requests: 516-465-3079

For more information about applying to Hofstra, contact:
Office of Graduate Admission
Phone: 516-463-4723
Email: GraduateAdmission[at]hofstra.edu
Website: hofstra.edu/gradapply

Student Reflections
Post Program

  • I was admitted into the first cohort of Hofstra’s master’s program in healthcare professions pedagogy and leadership in September 2015. -MW
  • Though I am currently an educator, this programs has allowed me to thoughtfully appreciate the science behind teaching and curricular development. -MD
  • The most rewarding and challenging 2 years of my adult education experience.  Thank you for letting me be myself and giving me the tools to excel. -DO
  • A positive and cherished experience, this whole program has been a joy to be a part of and helped me in many ways professionally and personally. -PhD
  • This program has been an amazing opportunity to create a community of likeminded educators, within and outside of my own field, who are already enhancing each other’s professional growth. -MD FACP
  • This is a great interactive program where different disciplines collaborate to learn effective teaching and learning strategies.  These classes provide a foundation for learners to teach in a healthcare setting. -RN
Students in the MS in Health Professions Pedagogy and Leadership program were initiated into the Kappa Delta Pi, international Honor Society.  Photographed from left to right is: Kadajdra Duckett, Charnette Ferril Krummenacker, Ruqayyah Abdullah, Monica Persaud.

Students in the MS in Health Professions Pedagogy and Leadership program were initiated into the Kappa Delta Pi, international Honor Society. Photographed from left to right is: Kadajdra Duckett, Charnette Ferril Krummenacker, Ruqayyah Abdullah, Monica Persaud.

Razia Jayman, MD, an alum of the School of Education’s Health Professions Pedagogy and Leadership program, was awarded the 2019 President’s Award for Physician of the Year by Southside Hospital, part of the Northwell Health system.