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Ed.D. in Educational and Policy Leadership
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Educational and Policy Leadership EdD Examination Requirements

  • Critical Literature Synthesis Competency: The Critical Analysis and Synthesis is a literature review on a topic relevant to educational leadership. While students normally complete requirements for the synthesis as part of EADM 320-321, Introduction to Doctoral Studies, evaluation of the document as the written comprehensive examination is separate from evaluation for the course grade.  Students who fail to meet the competency requirement by the completion of the second semester of the course have the opportunity to resubmit the synthesis by the end of August of that year.  If a student fails to meet this deadline, or fails to produce an acceptable product, the second and final deadline for submission will be one academic year from the first due date.  Failure to complete a satisfactory document within the given time period will constitute grounds for dismissal from the program.  The student may not register for additional coursework until this requirement is satisfied.
  • Research Competency: Students complete requirements for the competency as part of their work in either of the research courses. As part of either research course, students design and complete (data collection and analysis) a research study.  The requirement involves completion of the research project and preparation of a final report at the end of the research courses. Students must meet the competency in one of the two research courses. Failure to complete a satisfactory document in either of the research courses will constitute grounds for dismissal from the program
  • Oral Exam/Self-Assessment of Personal Learning (Doctoral Exam A): On satisfactory completion of all the requirements of Phase I and the majority of the requirements in Phase II, including all distributed electives, the student may schedule the oral exam. The Oral Exam is usually scheduled at the end of August. The Oral Qualifying Exam (Doctoral Exam A) is a pre‑requisite for registration in any of the courses in Phase III. After successful completion of the oral examination, candidates begin the final phase of the doctoral program.
  • Dissertation Proposal Examination (Doctoral Exam B)
  • Dissertation Defense (Doctoral Exam C)

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