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Field Experiences Prior to Student Teaching

Fine Arts
  • CT 229
    20 clock-hour placement in varied settings, grades PreK-12
  • CT 298A
    20 clock-hour placement in elementary settings, grades PreK-6
  • CT 298B
    20 clock-hour placement in secondary settings, grades 10-12
  • SED 264
    20 clock-hour placement in a high needs district, grades 7-12
  • SPED 201/264
    20 clock-hour placement in settings with special needs students, grades 7-12

A minimum of 100 clock hours of participation/observation is required prior to student teaching. Field experiences are integrated extensively into course curricula. At least one placement (SED 264) will be spent in a site recognized by the New York State Education Department as high needs. Placements are arranged by the Office of Field Placement. Departmental policy is to place prospective teachers in districts other than those in which they currently reside or schools they attended.