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Master in Technology for Learning STUDENT PRODUCTS

Curcuit MathHD
CIRCUIT MATH is a math puzzle that will challenge you the moment you begin to play! You can choose from 6 addition levels and 6 subtraction levels with each level offering endless combinations of numbers so no two levels are alike. To solve each puzzle you must place each circuit in position so that each number is the sum/difference of the two numbers below it. Tap the circuits to swap numbers and the wires between the numbers will light up green when the combination is correct. Try to beat your own best time or compete with other players in Game Center to see who can complete a level with the best time. Each level has its own leader board in Game Center. 

Multiplying Decimals Tutorial
This program will explain and give you examples and exercises on multiplication with decimals. When you have finished this program you should be able to multiply two numbers less than one, and two numbers where one is less than one and the other is greater than one. You should also know when multiplication with decimals is used in real-life situations.

Circle Geometry Paper Folding Activity
Given a circular cutout students be able to construct and identify:

the radius, diameter and center of a circle;
the vertex, base and midpoint base of a triangle;
two-dimensional shapes (semi-circle/half circle, quarter-circle, triangle, parallelogram-rhombus,
trapezoids; and three-dimensional shapes (tetrahedron, frustum).

Circle Geometry Lesson Plan [PDF]