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Social Studies Education

Secondary Education Social Studies Current Students

Check out some of Hofstra University’s Social Studies Education Student Teachers

Dennis Belén Morales took part in roundtable discussion on Central American Child Migrants in Nassau County, and served as the facilitator for discussions between students from Hofstra and the ten high schools that attended. "After this experience, I was invited to give presentations on Immigrant Youth at the Museum of the City of New York for the 5th annual Teaching Social Activism Conference, and the annual Left Forum Conference held at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Lastly, through engagement in my history classes and a reference from Prof. Doubleday, I was offered a summer Research Internship with Hofstra's Special Collections to create an online exhibit, The Pura Cruz Collection, under the guidance of Director Geri Solomon".

Dennis belen Morales

Karla Freire is an undergraduate senior double majoring in History and Social Studies Secondary Education. She writes: "Over the summer I presented a paper at the Children and the Great Hunger conference held at Quinnipiac University. The paper, entitled Women Under Scrutiny: Moral Anxieties and the Female Body During the Great Irish Famine, analyzed Famine-era workhouses and British social policy through a feminist perspective. My work specifically addressed how the sexual division of spaces within workhouses indicated the state's preoccupation with the moral behavior of Irish women. These divisions then served as a form of social surveillance and control over them. I also contributed a book review of Joy Santolofer's Food City: Four Centuries of Food-Making in New York for the Regional Labor Review. Most recently I have been working as a research assistant at a local Catholic monastery. There a priest is heading a historical commission, ordered by the Vatican, to canonize Fr. Theodore Foley, a well-respected figure within the Passionist community in America. As the assistant to the head of this commission, I organize and catalogue various archival materials, as well as research additional primary and secondary sources for reports. At Hofstra, I am currently the peer teacher for Prof. Alan Singer's first year history seminar on New York and Slavery.

Karla Freire

Jillian Pallone is currently a senior with a double major in History and Secondary Education, and writes: "This summer, I had the opportunity to conduct archival research and create an online exhibit at Hofstra's Special Collections Department on a young woman named Jeanne Carter-Tuthill, who lived during the 1930s in Garden City, New York. It was fascinating to be able to see important pieces of Jeanne's past life such as an extremely, extensive scrapbook of photographs, letters, and other miscellaneous pieces of memories during her senior year of high school. The scrapbook allowed me to take a peek back into her time period and glimpse what Jeanne's life was like during her time at St. Mary's, whether it was from her carefree moments of spending time with her friends playing a sport or dancing in the grass, attending school field trips such skiing at Skytop in Pennsylvania, or even participating in water sport activities at Camp Moss Lake located in upstate New York. Although the research required to create the exhibit took up to four months, I would not have wanted the final results to come out any other way and I was extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to create a small presentation of what Jeanne's life appeared to be. Working with archives has become an interesting pastime for me, and I cannot wait to start my next project in late September!

Jillian Pallone

Social Studies Education