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Social Studies Education

Secondary Education Social Studies Student Resources

Office of Field Placement
The Office of Field Placement is responsible for accepting and evaluating requests for field observations, clinical experiences, and student teaching. We collaborate with local schools, businesses, and programs to find placements, and provide continuous communication, assessment, and feedback during the process. We believe that students will be better prepared for their professional careers by being involved in field experiences that will expose them to a variety of cultures, economic backgrounds, and diverse settings. This will foster professional growth that will positively affect their abilities to become consummate professionals.

Office of Educational Support Services
Our purpose is to avail students with access to programs and credentialing information and services at their convenience through technological enhancements. To provide information, support and resources to students and faculty engaged in initial and professional school-based programs for classroom, pupil services and educational leadership roles.

Professor Singer
Visit Dr. Alan Singer’s site to learn more about the program director’s experience in education, curriculum guides, publications, and more.

Professional Organizations

Social Studies Education