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Intensive Non-Degree Program in Music Education

This program is for those who already possess a graduate degree with a major in either fine arts or music and who are eligible for the New York State Transitional C Certification. The program leads to professional certification in the teaching of music (Grades PreK-12).

Program Requirements

The program consists of three major components:

Content Requirements
Professional Education Requirements
Mentored Teaching and Seminar

Content Requirements

Students should possess a graduate degree with a major (or equivalent) in the content area of the certificate. Students who do not hold a major in the content area of the certificate must be able to demonstrate completion of at least 36 semester hours of appropriate content, distributed over specific categories. Those students should consult their program director for specific course requirements within the content area of the certificate.

Professional Education Requirements – 20 Semester Hours

No more than 3 s.h. may be transferred into the program or accepted through testing or portfolio review. Courses transferred into the program must be graduate courses (excluding CT 270A, B, C, D), no more than five years old from the date of the awarding of the degree received. Student must have received grades of B or higher in the course. Such course must also be deemed equivalent to program courses by the appropriate academic adviser and department chairperson. The professional education requirements include:

  • One special education course – 3 semester hours
  • Special Methods and Curriculum courses – 6 semester hours
  • Competency in Information Retrieval – 0 Semester Hours: Required passing score on the University’s Examination on Information Retrieval (EIR) (University Technology Seminars available at no cost)

Mentored Teaching – 4 semester hours

The candidate must present evidence of holding the Transitional C Certificate prior to the commencement of mentored teaching.

For more detailed information, including a listing of the classes in the aforementioned categories, please visit the Hofstra Bulletin.

For more information on the admission requirements, please visit the Admission Requirements page.

Contact Information for this program:
Nathalie Robinson, Ed. D.
Associate Professor of Music
Director of the Undergraduate and Graduate Music Education Degree Programs
Phone: (516) 463-4514
Email: Nathalie.G.Robinson[at]hofstra.edu