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M.A. in Elementary Education: STEM

32-credit program

Are you interested in improving your ability to teach math and science in the elementary school?

Are you interested in getting an additional certification?

Are you interested in preparing students for the twenty-first century?

Then this program is for you!

The need for teachers trained in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum is critical and has been a focal point of many recent articles, presentation, and speeches by politicians and leaders in the different science fields. Locally, all of the ten Long Island superintendents with whom STEM preparation for elementary school teachers was discussed were enthusiastic about such a program because teachers with STEM knowledge are exactly the type of people they are searching for.

This program will train you in the STEM curriculum.  You will study math and science content and develop the pedagogical skills needed to teach the Common Core State Standards effectively.  You will cultivate the ability to incorporate educational technology and children’s engineering into all curriculum areas, which research has proven improves students’ learning.  You will do an original piece of research that involves the creation and implementation of an integrated STEM unit with associated Student Learning Outcomes (SLO), which are part of the new State requirements for all teachers.

Our students and graduates rave about the program and we invite you to come visit our classes, talk to STEM students and professors and see firsthand what makes this program so special. 

For more information contact:

  • Amy Catalano 516-463-5956 Email.

Hofstra also offers an Elementary School STEM Specialist Advanced Certificate.