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Ivan Arias“Hofstra's Executive MBA program was instrumental in the development of my leadership skills and business acumen which have advanced my career. The well-designed curriculum, along with the highly knowledgeable professors and collaborative environment, provided an extremely effective platform for developing the advanced decision making, problem solving and analytical skills that are critical for success in the competitive business world. I utilize these tools and the knowledge that I attained throughout the program on a daily basis, and they have undoubtedly contributed to my success.”

Ivan Arias, EMBA 2010
Manager, Global Holdings Reporting
The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

Cindy Pacheco-Roe“Hofstra’s Zarb School of Business’ Executive MBA program was a key investment into my professional career.  My motivation for joining the program was specifically self-development and self-accomplishment.  My already successful career was at a standstill, and I was trying to figure out what my next transition would be.  After completing the Zarb EMBA, I walked away with superior self-confidence and extraordinary business analytical skills.  After graduation, I had the courage to start my own business; something I never envisioned prior.  This program certainly improves one’s business acumen and management process; ultimately developing you into the best corporate leaders that you can be.”

Cindy Pacheco-Roe, EMBA 2015
Director of Operations
KCR Executive Solutions Corporation

Rick Martello“I attended the Executive MBA program well into my career.  I had just merged my small consulting company into a larger management consulting firm and took over as president of the larger company.  Although I had significant financial experience (I began my career as a CPA) and had a BBA from Hofstra, I felt that exposure to other top level individuals in other business fields who were in upper management in their respective companies and areas of expertise would be good exposure. I was correct in my decision to apply and my completion of the program was time well spent.

The wide ranging and foundational curriculum of the program, the convenience of the lectures (which allowed me to assume my new position and employ much of what I learned immediately in my new company), and the deeply experienced professors teaching the various disciplines were all positive aspects of the program. More important for me, and in all likelihood perhaps for many in the program, was the exposure to other EMBA candidates who were at advanced management levels in different areas of expertise in their respective companies.  This allowed each of us to glean different perspectives on how to approach and solve problems.  My cohort included executives in marketing, banking, telecommunications, human resources, manufacturing and operations.  Working together with them provided me an invaluably positive experience and exposure I simply would not have been able to obtain in any other way.

It has been approximately ten years since my participation in the program and I have successfully grown the company substantially.  This has put us in a position where we are currently in discussions regarding a merger with an even larger multi-state company in our industry.  In anticipation a successful merger, I have been asked by the larger company’s board to assume the CEO position.  I truly believe I would not have had the success in my current position or the opportunity of this new position without the Zarb School’s Executive MBA program.”

Rick Martello, EMBA 2006
Northeast Management Consulting

Edward J. Fred“As a member of the inaugural EMBA class, I look back at the time spent in the EMBA program as an incredible learning experience. The program taught me how to take the theoretical, and make it practical. In my rise to CEO of a publicly-held company, and during the 12 years I spent in that position, I used so many of the tools I learned while earning my EMBA. To this day, whether it be in a business environment, or solving problems on the boards I serve on, I call on the lessons I learned and the knowledge I acquired in the Zarb EMBA program to help me find the best solutions. I am a far better leader because of my EMBA experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about taking their career to the next level. I could not have accomplished what I did without this program.”

Edward J. Fred, EMBA 2002
CEO & President
Origo Acquisition Corporation

Xuemao Wang"I am honored to be one of Hofstra's inaugural EMBA program graduates. The program not only provided an excellent training of knowledge and skill sets in business and management, which prepared me to be a capable manager, but more importantly, it built strong self-awareness and confidence, which prepared me to be a courageous leader."

Xuemao Wang, EMBA 2001
Dean of University Libraries
University of Cincinnati

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