Advisory Board

The Department of Finance Advisory Board is comprised of experts capable of offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives that will enhance the visibility and functioning of the Finance Department.  The diverse range of knowledge, skills and industry experience of the Advisory Board members will be used in facilitating curriculum development, raising the profile of the department, and enhancing student development activities. To complement the expertise of the academic core of faculty, the Advisory Board members are high profile executives from financial and other related industries.

Advisory Board Functions

  • Curriculum Content and Development
    The Advisory Board will periodically review the curriculum in the various programs and courses offered by the Finance Department, and recommend modifications for consideration by the department.
  • Visibility of the Finance Department
    The Advisory Board will provide input into policy and programming that will showcase the faculty, students, department activities and department initiatives that will enhance the profile and visibility of the Finance Department.
  • Student Development
    The Advisory Board will facilitate student development activities through occasional mentoring of students, identifying guest speakers for events, facilitating internship and placement opportunities, facilitating networking opportunities for students and student groups, and other activities that prepare students for a career in finance and business.

Benefits of Board Participation to Members

  • Better prepared graduates
    Internships, curriculum advice provides companies with students in need of less “on the job” training
  • Networking opportunities
  • Board members can share information about changes in their organizations

Board Organization

The members of the Advisory Board are nominated by the Finance Department Advisory Board Committee and approved by the Department Chair.

The Board will meet twice a year.  The Board members can meet in person or through teleconferencing facilities. The meetings will also be attended by selected faculty from the Finance Department.

Each board meeting will have an agenda with input from the Chair of the Finance Department.

The Finance Department will not approach the Advisory Board members for funding any of the initiatives approved or recommended by the Board, nor is there an expectation that the Board members will contribute to the Finance Department Gift account. The Board is not involved in the personnel matters of the Department.  The role of the Board in all departmental activities including curriculum development and modifications, faculty resources, and student engagement will be ‘advisory’.

The Board can make recommendations; the Finance DPC, Finance Department and Finance Chairperson will be responsible for making all decisions through the governance process of the department, school and university.