Statement of Mission

The Department of Finance is dedicated to the transmission and advancement of knowledge through the pursuit of teaching excellence and professionally respected scholarship.  The Department's specific missions within this context are:

  1. In all classes the department will stress the enduring principles of finance that will equip students with the analytical skills required to successfully confront problems encountered in a wide range of professional settings.
  2. In recognition of its nature as an applied discipline, our curriculum and teaching must reflect the most recent theoretical and empirical findings of our profession, as well as the practical dimensions of these findings, within the context of the changes and developments that take place in financial institutions and markets.
  3. The department will provide to students a firm analytical foundation grounded in the principles of financial theory.  The department will also emphasize writing skills and the use of current technology and pedagogical techniques in the training of our students.
  4. Instructor accessibility to students, and the cultivation and maintenance of good relations with students, is crucial to fulfilling our mission of educational excellence.
  5. The department will promote an environment of sustained scholarly activity in accordance with the standards of quality defined by the finance profession at large.  Sustained scholarly activity is to imply a combination of publications, conference proceedings, paper presentations, conference, participation as session chairs and discussants, and editorial board membership.
  6. Scholarly endeavors should be viewed as extensions and contributions to current debates existing in the profession.  Participation in these debates through reputable outlets is imperative for promoting the professional recognition of the Department.
  7. The pursuit of scholarly excellence is inseparable from our credibility as teachers capable of providing our students with an education that will enhance their ability to excel in their chosen fields.