Student Organizations and Affliations


ALPFA is the premier Latino professional organization in finance, accounting, and other related professions.  ALPFA has active members, committed business partners, and quality programs. The organization takes pride in the following shared values: professional growth, relationship building, inclusiveness, service, integrity, and culture. ALPFA was established in 1972 and has over 150 student and professional chapters with a total of 22,000 members across the country.

ALPFA Hofstra Chapter is an all-inclusive organization, open to any business student as early as freshman year. Each year there are a variety of activities both on campus and in New York City including biweekly meetings, professional discussion panels, a Regional Symposium, Finance Summit, and many other networking events. In addition, every summer ALPFA has an Annual Convention where students have the opportunity to network with professionals and partake in on-site interviews with Fortune 500 companies.

Meetings are held Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. in C.V. Starr Room 308.

The faculty advisor for ALPFA is Dr. Ahmet K. Karagozoglu. He can be reached at (516) 463-5701 or via email.



The Investment Analysis Association (IAA)

The Investment Analysis Association (IAA) was established in 2012 at Hofstra University by William McSweeney.  As an all-inclusive professional organization, the IAA brings together students that have an interest in investments.  It is open to any student, regardless of major as early as freshman year, both novice and experts alike.  The mission of the IAA is to educate students on the general introductory knowledge of investing as well as ensuring that each member understand the “how and why” to investments through equities, current market trends, and emerging countries and sectors.

To achieve this, the job of the executive board is to present the information in a way that educates the members in other ways than that found inside a regular classroom.  Members accomplish this through hands-on interaction and collaboration, online market watches, and stock team mock competitions which allow members to both test and enhance their investment abilities.  Our goal is to ensure that each member of the IAA leaves with advanced analytical skills, is well rounded and well versed in the market, and to ultimately enjoy and achieve success in playing the market.  Additionally, the club invites professional investors to speak about their personal experiences in investing, to offer suggestions, and answer questions from members.

The Investment Club meets each Wednesday at 11:30 am in C.V. Starr.

The faculty advisor for the Investment & Analysis Club is Dr. Steven Krull. He can be reached at (516) 463-5329 or via email at Steven.B.Krull[at]

Hofstra Investment Banking Association (HIBA)

The Hofstra Investment Banking Association (HIBA)  is the only association solely focused on investment banking strategies. Over the last year,  HIBA has grown significantly by almost 400% from 15 to 72 members. HIBA organizes many events such as Executive Speakers from Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs. They also organize company visits. Recently, HIBA visited the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. HIBA is also actively involved in academic conferences and events such as The National Investment Banking Association's conference, SEO Alternative Investments Conference, Hedge Fund Association's Hedgeopolis, Economic Club of New York events and trading competitions. The club also holds charity events for the community such as an annual Thanksgiving food drive for the local community.  Members also participated in “Wall Street training” which consisted of two full days where students learned about financial modeling and interviewing strategies for Wall Street firms.

HIBA was selected as the best graduate student organization by both the Zarb School and university wide this past academic year.

Advisor for HIBA  -  Dr. Dominique Outlaw, Dominique.Gehy[at], (516) 463-5083

Hofstra Investment Banking Association (HIBA)

Hofstra Quants & Traders (HQT)

HQT-Hofstra Quants & Traders is a graduate student organization with membership from MS in Quantitative Finance (MSQF), MS in Finance and MBA students. During the 2015-2016 academic year HQT had more than 100 members. The organization won the 2015-2016 Zarb Dean's Award for Outstanding Service by a graduate student group. HQT has been very active both on campus and off-campus hosting seminars and workshop as well as participating in national and international competition.

Below are some of HQT's notable activities during the last academic year:

  • 2015 National University Trading Challenge in Philadelphia: HQT team competed in a trading and risk management case analysis competition
  • GARP-Global Association of Risk Professionals-Annual Career Night in New York City: HQT members participated and networked with professionals
  • National Financial Mathematical Career Fair at New York University in Manhattan: HQT members participated and networked with professionals
  • GARP Chapter Seminar at Hofstra: Insights into Operational Risk Management – Presentation by Deborah Hrvatin, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
  • PRMIA Risk Management Case Competition in New York City: HQT team was a New York Regional Finalist
  • CME Group Trading Challenge: HQT teams competed in electronic trading competition and one of HQT team ranked 16th out of 400 teams globally in the final round
  • Excel VBA workshop at Hofstra: HQT President Yun Cai conducted the workshop for members of the HQT and HIBA
  • Algo Trading with ADL workshop at Hofstra: HQT President Yun Cai conducted the algorithmic trading workshop for MS in Quantitative Finance, MS in Finance students and members of the HQT
  • GARP Chapter Seminar at Hofstra: Model Risk Management Framework & Quantification – Presentation by Michael Jacobs, Principal Director, Accenture Consulting: HQT co-sponsored this event
  • Algo Trading with ADL Seminar at Hofstra: Presenter Leo Murphy from Trading Technologies: HQT sponsored this event
  • Princeton Quant Trading Conference 2016: HQT members participated in this conference held at Princeton University

Advisor for HQT - Dr. Ahmet Karagozoglu, finakk[at], (516) 463-5701