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Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics

Mission Statement

The Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics is a viable and vital part of Frank G. Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University. Our mission is to provide a strong information technology education and prepare graduates to successfully apply solutions and analytical skills in addressing various business challenges. We also strive to maintain a high level of collaboration with executives and business enterprises to enhance our curriculum and research. The Information Systems and Business Analytics Department’s contributions to the Zarb School and university include offering various major fields of specialization and service courses needed by all other Business majors as well as non-business programs. Considering the increasing significance of information systems in organizations of all types and sizes, emphasis of AACSB on integration of information systems into curricula, and mounting demand for business intelligence and analytics, the synergistic strength of the faculty provides a unique leverage for enhancement of its current majors as well as complementing them with new and highly sought-after programs.

Consistent with the mission and goals of Zarb School, objectives of the Information Systems and Business Analytics Department include the following:

  • Provide a strong information technology management background that is required to effectively perform the role of technology manager in various organizations.
  • Deliver an effective education to prepare graduates to successfully apply IT solutions and analytical thinking to various business problems.
  • Considering the fast-changing pace of technology, maintain and enhance communication and collaboration with IT industry as well as IT executives in order to continuously improve and update curriculum.
  • Support various objectives of the Zarb School, particularly general goal #3 "Analytical and critical thinking skills for effective decision making," and goal #5 "Understanding the applicability of information systems and other technologies in modern organization."
  • Utilize synergistic strength of faculty to initiate new programs, such as business intelligence and analytics, to satisfy emerging demands of modern organizations.