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Marketing & International Business

Chair's Welcome

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of Marketing and International Business, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our department's Web pages. These pages contain useful information on programs as well as highlight the accomplishments of our students and faculty.

Our department offers the following degree specializations:

    B.B.A. in Marketing
    B.B.A. in International Business
    B.B.A./M.S. in Marketing
    B.B.A./M.S. in Marketing Research
    B.B.A./M.B.A. in Marketing
    B.B.A./M.B.A. in International Business
    M.B.A. in Marketing
    M.B.A. in International Business
    M.S. in Marketing
    M.S. in Marketing Research

The department offers undergraduate minors in Marketing, International Business, International Marketing, Channels of Distribution, and Promotion.

In addition to these, the department also offers certificate programs in marketing and international business at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Our department is most proud of the accomplishments of our students. Hofstra student teams have participated in and have won awards at national marketing competitions sponsored by the Advertising Research Foundation and the American Marketing Association. These pages contain additional details about our students’ accomplishments.

Our department is also proud of the accomplishments of its faculty in both teaching and research. Our faculty is recognized as excellent teachers; many faculty members have won awards for their teaching. Our faculty is also recognized for research and publications. These pages highlight some of the research accomplishments of our faculty.

We encourage you to review our programs, courses, and student and faculty accomplishments. Please feel free to contact me or any faculty for further questions.

Anil Mathur, Ph.D.
Brodlieb Distinguished Professor of Business and
Department of Marketing and International Business
Tel: (516) 463-5706
Fax: (516) 463-4834