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Marketing & International Business

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a senior, may I still receive credit for an internship?
Departmental requirements state that only seniors may enroll in MKT or IB 185. This means you may register for MKT or IB 185 only after you have completed 88 semester hours (as well as MKT 124 and 3 additional semester hours of marketing above MKT 124 - for MKT 185 only).

I want to do an internship, but I do not need (want) the credit. What are my options?
By definition, only positions where the student is earning academic credit are considered internships. As such, only those positions where students are receiving credit are handled by the Department of Marketing and International Business. Non-credit internships are “jobs”. The Office of Student Employment may be of some assistance in helping you locate a position of this nature.

I currently hold a job outside of school. Can I use that for internship credit?
Possibly. You would need to have your job supervisor complete an Internship Sponsorship Form (found in appendix). If the Department Internship Coordinator perceives that the job contains an educational component, it may be used to fulfill the requirements of MKT or IB 185.

I had a summer job last year. Can I count that as an internship now?
No, unless you are still at that job. One of the key aspects of MKT or IB 185 is regular meetings with your internship faculty advisor to discuss your internship experience and to integrate with your overall marketing education. If you have already completed your, employment such meetings would not be possible.

I am minoring in marketing or IB. Can I register for MKT or IB 185?
Assuming you meet all the other prerequisites, you may register for MKT or IB 185. However, the course will not count toward the 18 semester hours you need to complete the marketing or IB minor. The course would be taken above and beyond the six courses needed for the minor.