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Frank G. Zarb School of Business
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Zarb Exchange Program at
Changwon National University

Changwon, South Korea http://eng.changwon.ac.kr/eng/html/00_main/

Changwon National University


  • Description of School

    Changwon National University (CWNU) aims to be recognized as a Korean role model for education and research. With a keen understanding of the ever-increasing demands of society for humanity, creativity and expertise from graduates, CWNU is constantly developing programs for students, the community and local industries, focusing on outstanding leadership in education with solid fundamentals and interdisciplinary studies. Working in close cooperation with companies in the southeastern industrial complex, famous for advanced machinery, the university has produced graduates with the highest reputation for their expertise and on-site adaptability. There are more than 10,000 students at CWNU, including 300 international students from approximately 15 countries.

  • Location

    Changwon is the capital city of the Gyeongnam province and the eighth most populated city in South Korea. Gyeongnam province is home to some of Korea's major historical and cultural assets. Changwon is an attractive business city with high growth potential through its global industry groups and high-tech industry clusters. Changwon National Industrial Complex, which was created by the heavy-chemical industry development policy of the Korean government in 1974, leads the chemical industrial and heavy machinery sectors of the Korean economy. Changwon is also famous for its many parks, gardens and festivals. Every spring, the seaside city of Jinhae holds the country's largest cherry blossom festival, which attracts millions of visitors.

  • Programs Available

    Fall Semester – Application due June 1
    Spring Semester – Application due December 1

  • Academic Requirements

    Students should have sophomore standing for semester-long programs.

  • Credit System

    The credit system is the same as Hofstra. Almost all courses are 3 credits.

  • Housing

    CWNU assists students in arranging accommodations on campus.

  • Peer Support and Integration Activities

    CWNU runs a one-to-one integration program, which aims at the successful exchange of language and culture between international and Korean students.

  • Visa and Insurance Requirements

    All students are responsible for obtaining the necessary visa. For more information, students should visit the U.S. Department of State at www.state.gov for links to each country's embassy. All students must be covered by a health insurance plan.

  • Program Cost

    For semester programs, students pay their regular tuition to Hofstra University.

  • Contacts

    Hak J. Kim, PhD (Hofstra) - Associate Professor, Information Systems/Business Analytics
    Room 049 Weller Hall Telephone: (516) 463-4529 Email: hak.j.kim@hofstra.edu
    For additional details, contact Associate Dean Gioia Bales at (516) 463-5703 or via email at gioia.p.bales[at]hofstra.edu.
    Saerom Kang (CWNU)
    Telephone: +82-55-213-2634 Email: cinter@changwon.ac.kr