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Frank G. Zarb School of Business
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Zarb Student Success Stories

Name: Miansen Wang
Major/Degree: MS in Accounting
Hometown: Dalian, China
Employer: KPMG

Why did you decide to come to the Zarb School?

The Zarb School of Business is located very close to New York City. I had access to additional job opportunities and other experiential learning experiences. The Zarb School has a lot resources and influential alumni not only in Long Island, but also in New York City.

How did you obtain your internship at Henry Schein?

I obtained my internship, which was at Henry Schein, through a job fair. I worked on internal auditing at Henry Schein. This experience advanced my communication skills and auditing knowledge. My manager at Henry Schein also helped me a lot. He taught me a lot of practical auditing knowledge. Dr. Elizabeth Venuti and Dr. Daniel Tinkelman, my Zarb professors, also helped me tremendously in regards to my interviews skills, especially when it comes to “Big Four” companies.

What advice do you have for students who want to follow in your footsteps?

Work hard, be smart.

How did the Zarb School prepare you for your career?

The Zarb School offered many wonderful job fairs, which is where I received my internship. Additionally, Zarb School professors are all very kind and knowledgeable. They helped me update my resume and sharpen my interview skills. Dr. Venuti and Dr. Tinkelman really took the time out to prepare me for my future career.  I am currently working at KPMG in Long Island office. Dr. Venuti referred me to this position and I am so thankful to everyone at Zarb for helping make my dream job a reality.

What is your favorite memory/experience at the Zarb School?

My favorite memory at the Zarb School was when I received an A from my ACCT 224 class with Dr. Venuti. It was an honor and great reward for all my hard work.

Miansen Wang