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Hofstra University

Presidential Conferences at Hofstra University

Hofstra University has an unprecedented history of hosting presidential conferences. Since Hofstra hosted its first presidential conference in 1982 assessing the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, through the November 2005 conference "The 'New' Democrat from Hope: William Jefferson Clinton," Hofstra University has been renowned for bringing politicians, administration officials, journalists and other political professionals together with scholars and students to provide one of history's first assessments of each president.

In 2005, a generous gift from long-time trustee and alumnus Peter S. Kalikow allowed Hofstra University to establish the Peter S. Kalikow Chair in Presidential Studies, and a few months later, the Kalikow Center for the Study of the Presidency. Dr. Meena Bose was installed as the Kalikow Chair in November 2006.

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