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educate 2008
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Hofstra University

Student Involvement

Hofstra Students to Study, Work at Republican and Democratic Nominating Conventions

Four Hofstra University students will study and work as interns at the two major political party nominating conventions this summer as part of Hofstra’s Educate ’08 initiative, giving them a unique look inside the 2008 presidential selection process.

Hofstra is sending two undergraduates to each convention to participate in the Campaign 2008 National Convention Seminars sponsored by The Washington Center, a non-profit organization that has hosted these courses at the conventions since 1984. The courses include academic study of the evolution of conventions in American politics as well as fieldwork assignments with convention participants. The seminar for the Democratic National Convention runs from August 17-29, 2008, in Denver, Colorado, and the seminar for the Republican National Convention runs from August 24-September 5, 2008, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The four Hofstra students are Melissa Calderone (sophomore) and Catherine Legnetti (junior), who will attend the course at the Democratic convention, and Leonard Beckerman-Rodau (senior) and Anthony Lucci (freshman) who will be at the Republican convention. |more|