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You can reach out to one of our Pride Guides at for any questions you may have about life at Hofstra. Be sure to include the name of the Pride Guide you wish to contact in the subject line of your email.


Pride Guide: Anna Baxter
Hometown: Newark, DE
Major: Public Relations
Class of 2019


Pride Guide: Amelia Beckerman
Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Major: English Publishing Studies
Minor: Marketing
Class of 2018


Pride Guide: Jonathan Butterworth
Hometown: Westbrook, CT
Major: Mathematics and Secondary Education
Class of 2019

Lizzie Colgan

Pride Guide: Lizzie Colgan
Hometown: East Greenwich, RI
Major: Community Health
Class of 2020

Brandon Crofts

Pride Guide: Brandon Crofts
Hometown: Lynbrook, NY
Major: Mathematics
Class of 2020


Pride Guide: Kennedy Cymerman
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Major: Drama
Class of 2020


Pride Guide: Nadeem Deeb
Hometown: Clifton, NJ
Major: Psychology
Minor: Disability Studies
Class of 2019


Pride Guide: Maya Deschenes
Hometown: Franklin, MA
Major: Drama Performance
Class of 2020


Pride Guide: Matthew Hauszpigel
Hometown: East Meadow, NY
Major: Political Science
Class of 2018


Pride Guide: Issybella Lang
Hometown: Dover, DE
Major: History/Fine Arts
Class of 2020


Pride Guide: Eric McLenithan
Hometown: South Burlington, VT
Major: Management
Class of 2020


Pride Guide: Bhakti Patel
Hometown: New Hyde Park, NY
Major: Prehealth – Concentration in Disability Studies
Class of 2020


Pride Guide: Savannah Potter
Hometown: Montville, NJ
Major: Physician Assistant Studies
Class of 2019


Pride Guide: Abbey Roy
Hometown: Framingham, MA
Major: Journalism (TV/Production Studies)
Class of 2020

Van Dam

Pride Guide: Mikayla Van Dam
Hometown: Putnam, CT
Major: Biochemistry
Class of 2019

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Favorite thing about being a member of the Hofstra Pride: All the people I’ve met here. It’s really cool getting to be friends with so many different people who are from all over the world and come from different backgrounds.

Favorite person at Hofstra: I have so many favorite people. If I had to choose one, it would be one of the other Pride Guides I work with- Nadeem. We met last year and realized we had a lot in common. We hang out all the time now.

Spirit animal: I’m a Leo so probably a lion.

Favorite season: Fall because it’s not too cold but you can start wearing cute sweaters, and I just love pumpkin everything.

Favorite smell: I just got this candle that’s pumpkin vanilla – so that.

Favorite food: Anything Mediterranean.

Favorite dessert: Anything chocolate.

Lauren Denker ‘19

Favorite thing about being a member of the Hofstra Pride: Getting to know the different people that make up the student body.

Favorite person at Hofstra: Dr. Cindy Bell in the Music Department. She’s always been there for me, both academically and personally.

Spirit animal: Probably an owl because owls are quiet and reserved but also wise and can sit back and just observe.

Favorite season: Summer. I was born in the summer and involved with a summer camp that holds a lot of fun memories for me.

Favorite smell: Pancakes and syrup.

Favorite food: Ham.

Favorite dessert: Cake, I guess. I don’t really do sweets.

Tyson Brice ‘20

Favorite thing about being a member of the Hofstra Pride: The amount of opportunities I’ve had since coming here. I’ve met so many people from different places and am getting a great education in and outside my major. I get to take classes I wouldn’t have gotten to take at other schools. For example, I’m currently taking Zombies and Literature as a pre-med student.

Favorite person at Hofstra: My Classics teacher, Dr. Teller. She’s the reason I got into Classics. She really challenged me as a student and individual.

Spirit animal: A puma because they’re very focused and driven on what they want.

Favorite season: Fall because I love everything pumpkin and when the leaves change.

Favorite smell: New car smell.

Favorite food: Chicken nuggets.

Favorite dessert: Cheesecake

Tori Holton 21

Favorite thing about being a member of the Hofstra Pride: Definitely my dance team because they’ve become my family. They are the people I’m with all the time. And they’re also the people I miss most when I’m back home.

Favorite person at Hofstra: My friend, Jess. We’ve been best friend since first day of Orientation.

Spirit animal: According to my friends, it’s a llama. Kuzco as a llama from the Emperor’s New Groove, to be specific.

Favorite season: Summer.

Favorite smell: Peppermint.

Favorite food: Coffee.

Favorite dessert: Chocolate chip cookies.

Cassie Passantino ‘20

Favorite thing about being a member of the Hofstra Pride: How close-knit the community is. I always feel welcome.

Favorite person at Hofstra: Professor Zinger. She led me on the right path and helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my future.

Spirit animal: Probably a wolf because I’m very competitive.

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite smell: Freshly-cut grass.

Favorite food: Sushi.

Favorite dessert: Mint Chocolate chip ice cream.

Drew Reinold ‘20

Favorite thing about being a member of the Hofstra Pride: The involvement on campus. I’m never bored. There’s always something to do and someone to meet.

Favorite person at Hofstra: Double answer – Myrna Fischbach and Ilona Pierce – because they are the two people who told me I could do a double major that’s never been done before. They’re my advisors.

Spirit animal: A Dolphin. I’m very energetic, extroverted, outgoing, and I have a lot of fun with people.

Favorite season: Fall: I love pumpkin.

Favorite smell: Laundry

Favorite food: Mac n Cheese

Favorite dessert: Pie. Apple pie.

Lyndsey Yackel ‘20

Favorite thing about being a member of the Hofstra Pride: Everyone is really optimistic and upbeat.

Favorite person at Hofstra: Honors College Dean Pasupathi. She’s great. We have lunch together every now and then.

Spirit animal: A corgi because they have short legs and a “just go with it” attitude.

Favorite season: Fall. My birthday is the first day of fall. Also because the colors and weather are beautiful, and I love fall clothing and picking pumpkins and apples.

Favorite smell: Apple.

Favorite food: Pasta with Alfredo sauce.

Favorite dessert: Brownies.

Izzy Falkovich 20

Favorite thing about being a member of the Hofstra Pride: The community – everywhere I go, there’s a smiling face.

Favorite person at Hofstra: My sorority sister, Jill. She’s always there for me and we hang out all the time.

Spirit animal: Hamster – I’m very energetic and running around the office all the time.

Favorite season: Fall- just love the outfits and weather and love Thanksgiving and seeing my family.

Favorite smell: Lemongrass.

Favorite food: Eggplant Parm.

Favorite dessert: Apple pie.

Delaney Barac 20