Payment Scenario

State TX
Student's SAT/ACT 1250/28
Student's GPA 3.65
Family Profile  
Parental Earnings $72,000
Family Members 5
Number in College 2
Costs & Financial Aid  
For the 2017-2018 year:  
Tuition & Fees $45,700
Room & Board (varies based on choice) $14,464
Total: $60,164
Academic Scholarship $24,000
Athletic Scholarship  
Institutional Grant $3,000
Outside Scholarships $2,000
Pell Grant $3,100
Federal Supplemental Grant  
Resident Assistant Grant  
State Grant   
Net Costs After Scholarships:  $28,064
Stafford Loan $5,500
Parent Plus Loan  
Non-Government Private Loan  
Net Costs After Loans:  $22,564
Other Options  

Student had a part-time job and paid for part of the balance from earnings. Remaining balance was paid with a 529 college savings plan.