Alum of the Month

The "Alum of the Month" feature of the Alumni Affairs web site showcases alumni who are doing interesting and exciting things, or who have made exceptional contributions to their chosen field of profession. Visit us soon to read about the next featured alumni of the month!

About the Program

The Alumnus of the Month feature of the Office for Development and Alumni Affairs Web site is a program that will showcase 12 outstanding alumni per year. The program is designed to recognize alumni who are doing interesting and exciting things, or who have made exceptional contributions to their chosen field of profession.

Nominations may be based on the following:

  • Alumnus doing something particularly interesting or different
  • Alumnus making outstanding achievements in his/her profession
  • Alumnus setting a positive example, either by philanthropy, balancing work and life, or showing a loyal commitment to Hofstra and the community
Wendy Darwell

Alum of the Month:
Wendy Darwell

May 2021
Wendy D. Darwell is president and CEO of the Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State and its two regional entities, the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council and Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association.

Past Alumni of the Month

Patricia (Tricia) Messeroux

Alum of the Month:
Calvin Carter

April 2021
Named a Rising Star in a list of the Top 100 Black Scientists (published by University of Iowa postdoctoral research scholar Antentor Hinton), Calvin Carter, PhD, founded GeminiiHealth with twin brother Walter Carter...

Patricia (Tricia) Messeroux

Alum of the Month:
Patricia (Tricia) Messeroux

March 2021
Tricia Messeroux is a self-taught photographer and creative of Toddlewood. Tricia began her career immediately after graduating from Hofstra University with a degree in TV and Film Production and a minor in marketing...

Brian M. Sckipp

Alum of the Month:
Brian M. Sckipp

February 2021
Brian Sckipp is the CEO and founding member of Westhampton Beach Brewing Company and former COO and partner of Sherwood House Vineyards...

Mary Jeanne Hurley Hickey

Alum of the Month:
Mary Jeanne Hurley Hickey

January 2021
Mary Jeanne Hurley Hickey is a pioneer. Choosing physics as her major at Hofstra, as well as math, was very unusual for a woman in the 1940s. In fact, she was one of only two women to earn a BA in Physics in 1950...

Guy Stern

Alum of the Month:
Guy Stern

December 2020
Guy (Günther) Stern was born in 1922 in Hildesheim, Germany. He immigrated to the United States in 1937. From 1940 to 1942, he studied at Saint Louis University, followed by three years of Army service....

Tara Tubridy

Alum of the Month:
Tara Tubridy

November 2020
Tara Tubridy, a native New Yorker, graduated cum laude from Hofstra University in 2004 with a BA in Dance. Since graduating, she has had the opportunity to perform both regionally and nationally...

David Cea

Alum of the Month:
David Cea

October 2020
David Cea is a multiple award-winning film editor with 15 years’ experience in the industry. The bulk of his work comes from the advertising world, where he has had the pleasure of bringing ...

Angela Ellis Gibbs

Alum of the Month:
Angela Ellis Gibbs

September 2020
Angela Ellis Gibbs is the founder of CÖSBEAU (kaz-boh) INK, a permanent makeup studio located in Freeport, NY. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from Hofstra University in 2000 before starting...

Rahul Sharma

Alum of the Month:
Rahul Sharma

August 2020
Dr. Rahul Sharma is professor and chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine and serves as emergency physician-in-chief for New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Paula Parrino-Altiere

Alum of the Month:
Paula Parrino-Altiere

July 2020
Paula Parrino-Altiere has over 20 years of experience in the real estate and title industry, and is currently the chief administrative officer and vice president of operations for Nationwide Court Services Inc.

Mitch Maiman

Alum of the Month:
Mitch Maiman

June 2020
Mitch Maiman co-founder, president, CEO of IPS, has more than 40 years of experience in successful product development. Mitch and his partner, Paul Severino, have built a large, multifunctional product design and development team serving many tier one clients, including Motorola, Google, Verizon.

Shaquana Divers

Alum of the Month:
Shaquana Divers

May 2020
Shaquana P. Divers is a dedicated and vibrant leader with 20 years of service in the healthcare sector. As executive program manager at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, she leads the planning and implementation of innovative health programming for the largest health plan in Upstate Western New York, affecting the lives of 1.6 million people.

Koshin Paley Ellison

Alum of the Month:
Koshin Paley Ellison

April 2020
Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison, MFA, LMSW, DM, is a bestselling author/editor and nationally recognized spiritual teacher and psychotherapist. Widely acclaimed for his guidance in helping people understand and apply time-tested Buddhist teachings as simple strategies for living in today’s chaotic world, Sensei Koshin is a dynamic, original, and visionary leader, teacher, and speaker.

Lindsay Hymson Schechter

Alum of the Month:
Lindsay Hymson Schechter

March 2020
Lindsay Hymson Schechter joined Johnson & Johnson in 2015 as a brand PR consultant, where she provided strategic public relations and social media counsel, managed innovative influencer programs, and garnered key earned media coverage for brands such as Band-Aid®, Neosporin®, Compeed® and Rogaine®.

Anthony Conrard

Alum of the Month:
Anthony Conrardy

February 2020
Anthony Conrardy '09 is assistant vice president at the Northwell Health Center for Learning & Innovation, Emergency Medical Institute (EMI). The Center for Learning & Innovation is the corporate university for Northwell Health....

Joey Lee Miranda

Alum of the Month:
Joey Lee Miranda

January 2020
As energy partner at Robinson & Cole LLP, Joey Lee Miranda is a member of the firm’s Environmental, Energy + Telecommunications Group, and her practice focuses on energy, telecommunications, and water matters, including litigation...

Kevin Dexter

Alum of the Month:
Kevin M. Dexter

December 2019
Kevin Dexter ’13 is a sportscaster working in both New York City and Long Island. He is the play-by-play voice of the Long Island Nets, the NBA G League affiliate of the Brooklyn Nets, with broadcasts airing on YES Network, ESPNU, ESPN+, NBA TV, and more.

Dianna M. Rose

Alum of the Month:
Dianna M. Rose

November 2019
Social entrepreneur and business owner Dianna Rose is the culinary creative mind behind Jars Of Delight – the eco-friendly catering and meal prep company founded in fall 2017.

Jon El Kordi-Hubbard

Alum of the Month:
Jon El Kordi-Hubbard

October 2019 Jon El Kordi-Hubbard is founder and CEO of Craft + Logic, a product lab that builds tech and content to tackle consumer problems.

Max Bidna

Alum of the Month:
Max Bidna

October 2019 As a founding member of Hofstra University Start-Ups in 2012 and as a former president of the club, Max Bidna is thrilled to be back supporting the Hofstra Entrepreneurship community through the NexGen Advisory Board.

Randi B. Nelson

Alum of the Month:
Randi B. Nelson

September 2019 Dr. Randi B. Nelson (aka Dr. Randi) is a nationally recognized pediatrician, financial wellness expert, author, speaker, and consultant.

Ezron Bryson

Alumnus of the Month:
Ezron Bryson

August 2019 Ezron Bryson is entering his fourth season with the New York Jets as an assistant athletic trainer, where he is responsible for the day-to-day health and wellness of the professional football players.

Tom Basile

Alumnus of the Month:
Tom Basile

July 2019 Author, columnist, and senior-level strategist Tom Basile has been in the middle of the action on the biggest stories and hottest issues of the two last decades.

Aviva Skall Ron

Alumnus of the Month:
Aviva Skall Ron

June 2019 Aviva Skall is vice president of talent management and business affairs at Model Management Group (MMG)...

Steve Kullback

Alumnus of the Month:
Steve Kullback

May 2019 Steve Kullback is a seven-time Emmy and VES award-winning visual effects producer working in feature films and television...

Stephanie M. Nagel

Alumnus of the Month:
Stephanie M. Nagel

April 2019 Stephanie Nagel graduated from Oceanside High School as salutatorian. Her options were wide open as to where to attend college.....

Michael Waiser

Alumnus of the Month:
Michael Waiser

March 2019 Michael Waiser is the founder of Michael Scott Events, a leading luxury catering and production firm based in New York City....

Dana Caraballo

Alumnus of the Month:
Dana Caraballo

February 2019 Dana Caraballo is a certified rehabilitation counselor and licensed mental health counselor....

George Calvo

Alumnus of the Month:
George Calvo

January 2019 George Calvo is a data and business intelligence engineer for Major League Baseball....

Noah Seidman

Alumna of the Month:
Melaine Rochford

December 2018 is a sought-after communicator, theologian, author, scholar, and singer who utilizes her multifaceted abilities in service to God and humanity. An ordained Christian minister, Melaine currently...

Jake Kramer

Alumna of the Month:
Jake Kramer

November 2018 Jake Kramer is a managing partner at FedTech, a unique private venture program funded by federal agencies that connects entrepreneurs to technologies...

Noah Seidman

Alumna of the Month:
Noah Seidman

October 2018 Noah Seidman graduated from Hofstra University in 2007 with a BS in engineering. Kicking off his career at Roundarch Inc., a professional contracting ...

Tonia Ramsue

Alumna of the Month:
Tonia Ramsue

September 2018 Tonia V. Ramsue started her career at Coca-Cola as a trade spend manager for Warehouse Water. She then moved into a sales support role ....

Vincent P. Amy

Alumna of the Month:
Vincent P. Amy

August 2018 Vincent P. Amy, PG, CPG, FGS, is a career consulting geologist. With over 40 years of experience as a hydrogeologist, Vincent has performed duties ranging from the evaluation of....

Oren Loloi

Alumna of the Month:
Oren Loloi

July 2018 Oren Loloi is the owner of Papercuts by Oren, where he creates hand-made paper cut ketubah designs. The company was founded in 2012 and has grown steadily over the years....

Shana Lawson

Alumna of the Month:
Shana Lawson

June 2018 Shana Lawson was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by her mother, a Brooklyn native, and her father, a Guyana native. The oldest of three children, Shana was raised in a large, close-knit household...

Andrew Rea

Alumnus of the Month:
Andrew Rea

May 2018 Andrew Rea is a filmmaker, visual effects artist, and internet personality based in Harlem, NY. He first became interested in filmmaking when he realized it was a viable means to get out of writing essays in middle school... | more |

Veronica Silva

Alumna of the Month:
Veronica Silva

April 2018 Veronica Silva graduated from the Penn State College of Engineering in 2007 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and went on to work for a manufacturing company in Maryland, where she earned her Lean & Six Sigma Black Belt certifications... | more |

Andrew Marks

Alumnus of the Month:
Andrew Marks

March 2018 Andrew Marks graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelor's degree in finance, summa cum laude, in May 2015. During his undergraduate career, Andrew was the president of ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America)... | more |

Shannon Nia Alomar

Alumna of the Month:
Shannon Nia Alomar

February 2018 Shannon Nia Alomar is a Hofstra alum working as a production assistant for CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. In addition to her position at CNN, Shannon plays Queen Nefertiti for the performance company Your Queens and serves as the company's visual content... | more |

Natalie Perry

Alumna of the Month:
Natalie Perry

January 2018 Natalie is an Idaho native who believes in a future where gay families are equal and no longer have to hide in the closet out of fear. She aspires to reduce discrimination against LGBTQ families through the power of education and sharing her own family story... | more |

Eric Lempel

Alumnus of the Month:
Eric Lempel

DEC-1 Eric Lempel serves as the senior vice president of marketing and the head of PlayStation Network Americas for Sony Interactive Entertainment. Since he joined the company in 2000, Eric has served in a variety of online development and marketing roles... | more |

Michael Forbes

Alumnus of the Month:
Michael Forbes

NOV-3 After earning a degree in business computer information systems (BCIS) at Hofstra, Michael Forbes has enjoyed a 20-year career in the technology field. He is currently a solutions engineer at NBC Sports Playmaker Media... | more |

Christopher Jeffords

Alumnus of the Month:
Christopher Jeffords

OCT-3 Chris Jeffords is an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), and has been a member of the department since 2013... | more |

Carol Sankar

Alumna of the Month:
Carol Sankar

SEP-17 Carol Sankar is a high-level business consultant and the founder of The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership, a global executive leadership firm focused on diversity and inclusion initiatives... | more |

Chris Angelini

Alumnus of the Month:
Christopher Angelini

AUG-17 Chris Angelini co-founded American Bench Craft, which began as a leather wallet company, in 2013 with his brother Jason. ... | more |

David Guthrie

Alumnus of the Month:
David Guthrie

JULY-17 David Guthrie has been in wealth management and banking for over a decade, and started his career at Citi in 2004... | more |

Susan Cuozzo

Alumna of the Month:
Susan Cuozzo

JUN-17 Susan Cuozzo began her career as a resident for the NYC Department of Health and then worked... | more |


Alumna of the Month:
Yolanda Robano

MAY-17 Yolanda Robano-Gross joined Options for Community Living (Options) as executive director in 2014 ... | more |

Bill Bleyer

Alumnus of the Month:
Bill Bleyer

APR-17 Bill Bleyer is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of The Fire Island Lighthouse: Long Island’s Welcoming Beacon (The History Press 2017)... | more |

Anthony Raffaele

Alumnus of the Month:
Anthony Raffaele

MAR-17 Anthony Raffaele joined Technicolor-PostWorks in 2014, bringing with him broad credits in independent film and episodic television, and work with... | more |

Marcus Vanderberg

Alumni of the Month:
Marcus Vanderberg

FEB-17 Marcus Vanderberg is the MLB editor at Yahoo Sports, where he has worked since 2012. He previously worked at Hearst Digital Media as an online content producer... | more |

Jennifer Siegel

Alumni of the Month:
Jennifer Siegel

JAN-17 Jennifer Siegel graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in psychology in 2008. She enrolled in Hofstra’s Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program the same year... | more |

Jean Montalvan

Alumni of the Month:
Jean Montalvan

DEC-16 Jean Montalvan, a native New Yorker, currently serves as both the managing director of MADES (Malaga Aerospace, Defense & Electronic Systems S.A.) and... | more |

Robert J. Bernstein

Alumni of the Month:
Robert J. Bernstein

NOV-16 Robert J. Bernstein graduated from Hofstra University in 1955 with a BA in history. He went on to receive an MA from Columbia University... | more |

Jonathan D. MorenoJamie Morris

Alumni of the Month:
Jonathan Moreno and Jamie Morris

OCT-16 Jonathan D. Moreno is the David and Lyn Silfen University Professor at the University of Pennsylvania where he is... | more |
Jamie Morris has been the ultimate utility player for iHeartMedia's New York radio cluster... | more |

Michelle Golden

Alumna of the Month:
Michelle Golden

SEPT-16 Michelle Golden graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in journalism. She started her career in Albany, New York, as a communications specialist for a statewide, anti-hunger organization called Hunger Solutions New York... | more |

Avi Singer

Alumnus of the Month:
Avi Singer

AUG-16 Avi Singer is the CEO and founder of, a peer-to-peer learning platform that helps organizations train their employees by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of their peers... | more |

Kaitlin Cubria

Alumna of the Month:
Kaitlin Cubria

JUL-16 In third grade, Kaitlin Cubria (BA, Public Relations, '11) told herself that one day she'd write for a magazine... | more |

Jeffrey Yeakel

Alumni of the Month:
Jeffrey Yeakel

JUN-16 Jeffrey Yeakel is a health and physical education teacher in the Colonial School District in Pennsylvania. Jeff spent many years playing... | more |

Michelle Jerson

Alumna of the Month:
Michelle Jerson

MAY-16 Michelle Jerson has had a long and successful career as a talk radio host, travel reporter and traffic reporter. She currently hosts... | more |

Jamie Cohen

Alumnus of the Month:
Jamie Cohen

APR-16 Jamie Cohen is the director and a full-time instructor in the New Media Program at Molloy College. His book... | more |

Dana VanPamelen

Alumna of the Month:
Dana VanPamelen

MAR-16 After graduating in 2008 with a marketing degree, Dana VanPamelen continued her education at Hofstra University by attending graduate school... | more |

Walter Scherr

Alumnus of the Month:
Walter Scherr

FEB-16 Walter J. Scherr founded Visual Sciences Inc./Panafax, the first publicly traded facsimile company... | more |

Liana Satenstein

Alumna of the Month:
Liana Satenstein

JAN-16 Liana Satenstein is a fashion news writer for She covers general fashion news, as well as the development of fashion in... | more |

Ekiuwa Asemota

Alumna of the Month:
Ekiuwa Asemota '04

DEC-15 Ekiuwa (pronounced "Eh-Key-Wa") Asemota was born in the Bronx of parents from Nigeria and the Dominican Republic. She was raised in Africa for seven years, and there she developed a... | more |

Robert Einhorn

Alumnus of the Month:
Dr. Robert Einhorn '01

NOV-15 Dr. Robert W. Einhorn is a trained podiatric physician currently practicing at Country Foot Care in Mineola and Williston Park, New York, as well as at Winthrop Wound Care, also in Mineola... | more |

Danielle Vona

Alumna of the Month:
Danielle Vona ‘97

OCT-15 Danielle Vona is founder and chief strategist for The Marketing Posse, an "outsourced marketing department" that provides strategic business planning and brand positioning, marketing solutions and.... | more |

Mitchell Wexler ‘82

Alumnus of the Month:
Mitchell Wexler ‘82

SEP-15 Mitch Wexler is a partner at Fragomen Worldwide, the world’s leading provider of professional visa and immigration services.... | more |

John A. Iadevaia

Alumnus of the Month:
John A. Iadevaia ‘12

AUG-15 John A. Iadevaia is a versatile journalist from Long Island. He is a logger/subclipper/transcriber for the NBC Sports Network.... | more |

Siobhan Conroy

Alumna of the Month: Siobhan Conroy ‘11

JULY-15 Siobhan Conroy is a chemist for Estée Lauder and currently works in research and development for Bobbi Brown makeup and Smashbox makeup and treatment.... | more |

Lance Leighton

Alumnus of the Month: Lance Leighton ‘08

JUNE-15 Lance Leighton earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra’s Frank G. Zarb School of Business in 2008.... | more |

Jaci Clement

Alumna of the Month: Jaci Clement

MAY-15 Jaci Clement earned her first byline in a daily newspaper when she was in the fourth grade..... | more |

Michael Sorrentino

Alumnus of the Month: Michael Sorrentino

APR-15 Michael Sorrentino is a veteran in TV news with over a decade of experience in producing.... | more |

Paula McCoy-Pinderhughes

Alumna of the Month: Paula McCoy-Pinderhughes

MAR-15 Paula McCoy-Pinderhughes is the author of A Woman's Game; How to Be an Entrepreneur... | more |

Rick Collins

Alumnus of the Month: Rick Collins

FEB-15 Rick Collins holds degrees from Hofstra University in psychology and law... | more |

Melissa Unterstein

Alumna of the Month: Melissa Unterstein

JAN-15 Melissa Unterstein graduated from Hofstra University in 2007 with a BA in psychology and dance... | more |

Erin Veltman

Alumna of the Month: Erin Veltman

DEC-14 Erin Veltman serves as the executive director of the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee (RLCC) at the Republican State Leadership Committee... | more |

Michael Marino

Alumnus of the Month: Michael Marino

NOV-14 Michael Marino is a principal of MG Engineering D.P.C., a New York City-based consulting engineering firm incorporated in 1991. The firm provides... | more |

Celia Berk

Alumna of the Month: Celia Berk

OCT-14 Celia Berk is chief talent officer for Young & Rubicam Group. She works in partnership with its leaders to attract, develop and retain the best talent... | more |

Andrew Laine

Alumnus of the Month: Andrew Laine

SEP-14 Andrew Laine is the founder and owner of the retailer Turn Up, based in New York City. He graduated from Hofstra in 2013 with a BBA in entrepreneurship. During his last... | more |

Yvonne Ventresca

Alumna of the Month: Yvonne Ventresca

AUG-14 Yvonne Ventresca’s debut young adult novel, Pandemic, was released in May 2014 (Skyhorse Publishing/Sky Pony Press). Yvonne graduated cum laude from Hofstra University in 1988... | more |

Michael A. Gottesman

Alumnus of the Month: Michael A. Gottesman

JUL-14 Born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland, Mike Gottesman attended The Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, before venturing to... | more |

Thomas Jason Altieri

Alumnus of the Month: Thomas Jason Altieri

JUN-14 Thomas Jason (T.J.) Altieri grew up on Long Island, NY, and attended Farmingdale Senior High School. He always had a passion for scholarship... | more |

Rondell J. Wescott

Alumnus of the Month: Rondell J. Wescott

MAY-14 Ask Rondell where he’s from and he’ll tell you he was, “Born in Philly, made in New York.” The “made” part happened at The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University ... | more |

Joseph M. Forgione, Esq

Alumnus of the Month: Joseph M. Forgione, Esq

APR-14 Joseph M. Forgione, Esq. (BA, ’01) is an attorney and the director of trademark enforcement at the Gioconda Law Group PLLC, a law firm in New York City ... | more |

Carolyn Kurek

Alumnus of the Month: Carolyn Kurek

APR-14 Carolyn Kurek is an associate production editor at Hachette Book Group in New York City. ... | more |

Brian Flood

Alumnus of the Month: Brian Flood

MAR-14 Brian Flood, CPCU®, ARM™ (BBA, 1990), has spent more than 20 years in commercial risk management and risk transfer... | more |

Leslie Pieters

Alumna of the Month: Leslie Pieters

MAR-14 Leslie Pieters (BS, '97), founder of "One-Minute" Workout, credits her higher education (BS in athletic training from Hofstra... | more |

Cameron Kadison

Alumnus of the Month: Cameron Kadison

FEB-14 Cameron Kadison (Video/TV & Business, B.S. ’03) is a Founding Partner of the recently launched Mortar Media in Beverly Hills, California... | more |

Chris Vaccaro

Alumnus of the Month: Chris Vaccaro

FEB-14 Chris R. Vaccaro (BA 2007) is an award-winning journalist, author and professor from Long Island ... | more |

Scott Corr

Alumnus of the Month: Scott Corr

JAN-14 Scott Corr (BA '08) is a dancer and choreographer based out of New York City. He founded Real Men Lift Women Inc., | more |

George Vecsey

Alumnus of the Month: George Vecsey

JAN-14 George Vecsey (BA '60, HND '90) has been a journalist for more than 50 years. From 1982 through 2011, he wrote the sports column for The New York Times ... | more |

John Discepolo

Alumnus of the Month: John Discepolo

DEC-13 A Massachusetts native, John Discepolo anchored sports for nearly a decade in New York at WCBS-TV and WNYW-TV, where he also served as sideline reporter for the NFL's New York Jets and New York Giants... | more |

Andy Pritikin

Alumnus of the Month: Andy Pritikin

DEC-13 Andy Pritikin grew up in Caldwell, NJ as a high school athlete and musician for his school. At 17, Andy joined an accomplished local rock band... | more |

Heather Cohen

Alumna of the Month: Heather Cohen

NOV-13 Heather Cohen is executive vice president of The Weiss Agency, a broadcast talent agency that represents and develops the careers of many of the industry's most successful local and syndicated personalities.. | more |

Jeffrey O. Hollinger

Alumnus of the Month: Jeffrey O. Hollinger

NOV-13 Jeffrey O. Hollinger, DDS, PhD (B.A. '69) is the director for the Bone Tissue Engineering Center at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)... | more |

Michah Jesse Koffler

Alumnus of the Month: Micah Jesse Koffler

OCT - 13 Micah Jesse Koffler (B.A. '09) grew up fascinated by the fabulous lives of the rich and the famous, and at an early age found himself glued to the television mimicking the likes of Regis Philbin and Ed McMahon... | more |

Neil Gillis

Alumnus of the Month: Neil Gillis

OCT - 13 Neil Gillis (B.S. ’84) has spent his entire career in music publishing and is currently president of Round Hill Music... | more |

Lauren Hall-Gregory

Alumna of the Month: Lauren Hall-Gregory

SEP-13 Lauren Hall-Gregory (B.A. '03) recently completed her first season as head coach of the New York University women's basketball team... | more |

Chester (Chet) Schnepf

Alumnus of the Month: Chester (Chet) Schnepf

SEP-13 Chester (Chet) Schnepf (M.A. '74) grew up as the "problem" child who never stopped questioning everything about school.. | more |

Janne Louise Andersen

Alumna of the Month: Janne Louise Andersen

AUG-13 Janne Louise Andersen (M.A. '12) is a Danish journalist who freelances and travels around the world for Danish, American and Arab print and online media... | more |

Michael Schaeffer

Alumnus of the Month: Michael Schaeffer

AUG-13 Michael Schaeffer (B.B.A. '92, M.B.A. '10) is the go to "consultant" on a number of topics, offering strategic advice on accounting and financial reporting to clients... | more |

Deborah Millman

Alumnus of the Month: Deborah Millman

JULY-13 Deborah Robbins Millman (B.A. '84) is the director of Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Massachusetts, one of five animal care centers across the country operated by The Humane Society of the United States... | more |

Margot Puerta

Alumnus of the Month: Margot Puerta

JULY-13 Margot Puerta (M.S. '02, M.B.A. '10) is the managing editor of Molecular Medicine, an international peer-reviewed biomedical publication focused on understanding disease pathogenesis at the molecular level... | more |

Franklin Ashby

Alumnus of the Month: Franklin Ashby

JUNE-13 Dr. Franklin C. Ashby (B.A. ’76) is a leading authority on corporate cultures and the building of high-performance organizations as well as the author of four books... | more |

Jeffrey Marsocci

Alumnus of the Month: Jeffrey Marsocci

JUNE-13 Jeffrey G. Marsocci (B.B.A. ’92, J.D. ’94) founded The National Institute for Domestic Partner Estate Planning, an organization devoted to training attorneys, accountants... | more |

Heather Cooper

Alumna of the Month: Heather Cooper

MAY-13 Heather Cooper (B.A. '05, M.B.A. '10) is a social marketing strategist and the co-founder of Integrate Social, a boutique social media marketing agency... | more |

Cornell Yarbrough

Alumnus of the Month: Cornell "DJ Whutevva" Yarbrough

MAY-13 Cornell Yarbrough (B.A. '04) ( aka DJ Whutevva) is far from your average DJ! With a voice for radio, a face for TV, personality to fill the big screen and DJ skills that rival the legends... | more |

Rhiannon Beauregard

Alumna of the Month: Rhiannon Beauregard

APR-13 Rhiannon Beauregard (M.A. '07) is New Hampshire's 4-H Animal and Agricultural Science education coordinator through the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. She also is a licensed marriage and family therapist... | more |

Sabin Lomac

Alumnus of the Month: Sabin Lomac

APR-13 Sabin Lomac (B.A. '03) and his cousin Jim Tselikis launched Cousins Maine Lobster, a gourmet food truck based in Los Angeles in the spring of 2012. Cousins Maine Lobster became an instant success... | more |

Adrian Saba

Alumnus of the Month: Adrian Saba

MAR-13 Adrian Saba (B.A. ’10) founded the company Flamingo Films in February 2011 to start producing his own films. His first film, El Limpiador (The Cleaner), had its world premiere at the San Sebastian International Film Festival... | more |

Aaron Simon

Alumnus of the Month: Aaron Simon

MAR-13 Aaron Simon (B.B.A. ’97) started a new division of ‘Artist Relations’ for Harman, a multi-billion-dollar audio/consumer electronics company in January 2011.Harman is the official sound company for the Grammys, the MTV Video Music Awards, Coachella Festival, American Idol... | more |

Alexandra Dunne

Alumna of the Month: Alexandra Dunne

FEB-13 Alexandra Dunne (B.S. ’07) is the head of publicity at Glassnote Records, an independent record company that is home to the Grammy Award-winning band Phoenix... | more |

Larry Byrne

Alumnus of the Month: Larry Byrne

FEB-13 Larry Byrne (B.A. ’81) handles complex white-collar criminal, government regulatory and civil litigation matters, including the Pizza Connection case, the longest criminal jury trial in the federal courts in U.S. history... | more |

Dr. Jean F. Coppola

Alumna of the Month: Dr. Jean F. Coppola

Jan-13 Dr. Jean F. Coppola (B.S. '86), an associate professor of information technology at the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems of Pace University... | more |

Daniel J. Moran

Alumnus of the Month: Daniel J. Moran

Jan-13 Daniel J. Moran, Ph.D., BCBA-D (M.A. ’92, Ph.D. ’98) is committed to helping people with their challenges and their goals. He has appeared in several episodes of TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive and Confessions: Animal Hoarding as the featured psychologist... | more |

Brittany DeLillo

Alumna of the Month: Brittany DeLillo

Dec-12 Brittany DeLillo (B.A. ’10) picked up a pencil, started drawing, and developed her passion for art through most of her young life... | more |

Ronald Witkowski

Alumnus of the Month: Ron Witkowski

DEC-12 Ron Witkowski's (B.B.A. ’06) passion for beer began to blossom while he was obtaining his Bachelor of Business Administration...| more |

Kristie Lengel

Alumna of the Month: Kristie Lengel

NOV-12 Kristie Lengel (B.S. ’11) opened L.E.A.R.N. (Learn, Exercise, Activity and the Right Nutrition) Fitness.... | more |

Rhayne Thomas

Alumna of the Month: Rhayne Thomas

NOV-12 Rhayne Marcella Thomas (B.S. ’91) is an author, blues vocalist and humorist who travels the world.... | more |

Paula Rizzo

Alumnus of the Month: Paula Rizzo

OCT-12 Paula Rizzo (B.A. '02) is an Emmy Award-winning video producer, and the creator of | more |

Harley Diamond

Alumnus of the Month: Harley Diamond

OCT-12 Harley Diamond (B.F.A. '79) by day practices law and by night is an actor.... | more |

Stacy Friedman

Alumnus of the Month: Stacy Friedman

SEP-12 Stacy Friedman (B.A. ’99) combines an array of television production experience with the efforts of an avid AIDS activist.... | more |

Steve Salbu

Alumnus of the Month: Steve Salbu

SEP-12 Steve Salbu (B.A. ’77) joined Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business as dean in July 2006.... | more |

Alan Cohn

Alumnus of the Month: Alan Cohn

AUG-12 Alan Cohn (B.A. '85) is a reporter for the I-Team at ABC Action News in Tampa, Florida. A longtime believer that "there's a lot more to reporting than showing up at the story," Alan received the 2007 George Foster Peabody Award... | more |

Larry Keigwin

Alumnus of the Month: Larry Keigwin

AUG-12 Larry Keigwin (B.A. '07) founded KEIGWIN + COMPANY (K+C) in 2003 and, as artistic director, he has lead the company through performances at theaters and dance festivals throughout New York City and across the country... | more |

Shannon Bennett

Alumnus of the Month: Shannon Bennett

JULY-12 Shannon Bennett (B.A. ’09) is a young, up-and-coming broadcast journalist who has accomplished more than many others her age. Recently transitioning from radio to television, she has taken on the position of program information coordinator for CBS in New York City.... | more |

Darren M. Morton

Alumnus of the Month: Darren Morton '89

JULY-12 Reverend Darren M. Morton (B.B.A. ’89) is a man of many talents, specifically in the areas of social action, urban ministry, college administration, student development, and leadership. He constantly works to strengthen families and enhance the lives of young people of all races and nationalities. He is heavily involved in civic and social endeavors specifically affecting youth and the underprivileged of all ages.... | more |

Jeffrey Breslauer

Jeffrey Breslauer '76

JUN-12 Jeffrey Breslauer (B.A. ’76) is an actor, puppeteer, writer, voice-over artist – and even a ballroom dance instructor. After graduating with a degree in communications and a concentration in broadcasting from Hofstra University, Jeffrey began his career in New York in the mid-1970s... | more |

Steven Defontes

Steven Defontes '96

JUN-12 Steven Defontes (B.S. ’96), president and creative director of Big Idea Advertising, has helped shape the marketing of some of the world’s most recognizable brands... | more |

Christy Bareijsza

Alumna of the Month: Christy Bareijsza

MAY-12 Christy Bareijsza (B.A. '97), founder and CEO of The Red Carpet Events, is one of the most sought-after event planners in the New York metropolitan area. She has been responsible for detailed party planning and venue consultation since 1999... | more |

Michael Cruz

Alumnus of the Month: Michael Cruz

MAY-12 Since Michael Cruz's (B.S. '02) initial exposure to the world of film and television, he has made it his mission to master the complete process of visual production in a "creative" way... | more |

Vincent Micucci

Alumnus of the Month: Vincent Micucci

APR-12 Vincent Micucci (B.A. '01) enjoys a career as a professional sportscaster that took root at Hofstra University. As an avid sports fan, it was evident from an early age that Vinny needed to spend his day around sports in some way... | more |

Todd Zelnick

Alumnus of the Month: Todd Zelnick

APR-12 Todd Zelnick (B.A. '77) is marking his 29th year working for the federal government, currently as an auditor with the US Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC... | more |

Tamika Blaize

Alumnus of the Month: John Tantillo

Mar-12 Dr. John Tantillo (Ph.D. '80) is widely known as "The Marketing Doctor" for his outspoken adherence to the marketing concept.... | more |

Tamika Blaize

Alumna of the Month: Tamika Blaize

Mar-12 Tamika Blaize (B.A. '97) is the founder of A Princess for a Day (APFAD), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization devoted to advocating the importance of education.... | more |

Kevin E. Boston-Hill

Alumnus of the Month: Kevin E. Boston-Hill

Feb-12 Kevin E. Boston-Hill (B.B.A. '93) is an assistant principal at the Nassau BOCES Joseph M. Barry Career and Technical Education Center in Westbury, New York.... | more |

Jenna Mucha

Alumna of the Month: Jenna Mucha

Feb-12 Jenna Mucha (B.A. '08) is the social media specialist for talent acquisition and employee communications at North Shore-LIJ Health System.... | more |

Tom Karlya

Alumnus of the Month: Tom Karlya

Jan-12 Tom Karlya (B.A. '81) has been active in diabetes charities and causes since his daughter Kaitlyn was diagnosed in 1992 at the age of two.... | more |

Eve Tahmincioglu

Alumnus of the Month: Eve Tahmincioglu

Jan-12 Eve Tahmincioglu (B.A. '85) writes the popular "Your Career" column for and she is author of From the Sandbox to the Corner Office: Lessons Learned on the Journey to the Top.... | more |

Dean Young

Alumnus of the Month: Dean Young

DEC-11 Dean Young (B.A. ’85, M.A. ’87) moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating from Hofstra University, to embark on a career as a sitcom writer.... | more |

Emily Miethner

Alumna of the Month: Emily Miethner

DEC-11 Emily Miethner (B.F.A. ’10) noticed a disconnect throughout her college career, between internship hopefuls and companies ... | more |

David J. Obedzinski

Alumnus of the Month: David J. Obedzinski

NOV-11 David J. Obedzinski B.A. ’85, M.A. ’92 is the vice president for development for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association, an organization that operates on the Academy campus in New London, Connecticut... | more |

Margaret Brennan Bermel

Alumna of the Month: Margaret Brennan Bermel

NOV-11 Margaret Brennan Bermel, M.B.A. '85, chronicles her personal journey, while searching both for truth about the cancer industry and for inspiration about the purpose of life, in her new book, The Cancer Odyssey: Discovering Truth and Inspiration on the Way to Wellness... | more |

Kara Koch

Alumna of the Month: Kara Koch

OCT-11 Over the last four years, Kara Koch’s co-workers have included Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Kermit the Frog, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, and even Mr.Snuffleupagus. Kara works as a production coordinator in the global production department of Sesame Workshop... | more |

Dr. Jayme Renee Albin

Alumna of the Month: Dr. Jayme Renee Albin

OCT-11 Dr. Jayme Renee Albin (B.B.A. ’95) is proof that you really can do anything with your degree. With a B.B.A. in Banking & Finance from Hofstra University, Dr. Albin is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Yoga Instructor... | more |

Pamela Straker

Alumnus of the Month: Pamela Straker

SEPT-11 Dr. Pamela D. Straker (M.A. ’75; Ph.D. ’79) is a licensed psychologist; workplace strategist for managers, small business owners and human resource personnel; and author of Let Me Stop You Right There and 28 Other Lines Every CEO, Manager, and Supervisor Should Know (New York: Morgan James Publishing, 2011)... | more |

Matthew B. Tully, Esq.

Alumnus of the Month: Matthew B. Tully, Esq.

SEPT-11 Matthew Tully (B.A.,’95) has spent his adult life crafting goals he thought were too big to attain and then achieving them systematically through grit and determination... | more |

Tracey Delio

Alumna of the Month: Tracey Delio

July-11 Tracey Delio ’93, ’97 has been providing speech and language services to toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children on Long Island for the last 15 years while also becoming a successful children’s book author. Louie V Trims the Tree is Tracey’s third book in The Secret Adventures of Louie V series and will be available ... | more |

Cecilia Pagkalinawan

Alumna of the Month: Cecilia Pagkalinawan

Jun-11 Cecilia Pagkalinawan '89 has a remarkable track record in launching and marketing successful e-commerce businesses. She currently is CEO of, an e-commerce boutique dedicated to helping entrepreneurial fashion designers from around the globe reach new customers through social commerce... | more |

Jessica Robles

Alumna of the Month: Jessica Robles

Jun-11 Jessica Robles '10 has always had a passion for women's rights. She earned a Bachelor of Science in community health and psychology, and credits her educational experiences at Hofstra with providing the foundation for a career as a health educator... | more |

Darrell Lerner

Alumnus of the Month: Darrell Lerner

May-11 The growing interest in online dating encouraged Darrell Lerner '96, '99 to co-found SNAP Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of online dating applications for social networking websites. ... | more |

Cara Castronuova

Alumna of the Month: Cara Castronuova

May-11 The newest fitness trainer on NBC's hit show The Biggest Loser, Cara Castronuova '04 is a two-time Golden Gloves winner who was once ranked nationally by USA Boxing... | more |

Lauren Ruotolo

Alumna of the Month: Lauren Ruotolo

Apr-11 As director of entertainment promotions at Hearst Magazines in New York City, Lauren Ruotolo '00 is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with television and cable networks, as well as music labels and movie studios. Lauren’s success has been hard-won... | more |

Ty Fuller

Alumnus of the Month: Ty Fuller

Mar-11 When Ty Fuller ’00 was studying environmental resources at Hofstra, he never could have imagined the future impact he would have on millions of New Yorkers... | more |

Scott Nicholson

Alumnus of the Month: Scott Nicholson

Mar-11 Scott Nicholson ’88 has been a motivator and an innovator his entire life... | more |

Sergio Argueta

Alumnus of the Month: Sergio Argueta

Feb-11 Sergio Argueta (B.A., 2003) is among the youngest and most influential community activists on Long Island. He is founder and executive director of S.T.R.O.N.G. Youth, Inc... | more |

Joel Simkins

Alumnus of the Month: Joel Simkins

Feb-11 When Joel Simkins (B.B.A.,’98) was studying banking and finance at Hofstra, he never envisioned becoming an expert in the gaming and leisure industry... | more |

Jennifer Santorello

Alumna of the Month: Jennifer Santorello '09

Jan-11 Jennifer Santorello '09 recently was selected as the Julian A. Milkes Outstanding New Business Educator for 2010 by the Business Teachers Association of New York State... | more |

Bret Strauss

Alumna of the Month: Bret Strauss '02

Jan-11 When Bret Strauss '02 graduated from high school on Long Island, he never imagined he would return to education as a career… | more |

Alexa Silverman

Alumna of the Month: Alexa Silverman '08

Dec-10 Alexa Silverman '08 grew up in Merrick, New York, and, as a transfer student, never could have imagined how involved she would become with the Hofstra community or how much she would benefit from it... | more |

Daniel Spahr

Alumnus of the Month: Daniel Spahr '02

Dec-10 Daniel Spahr '02 was born to be around people. By spending much of his adult life learning about the practices and cultures of both domestic and foreign people, he was inspired to pen his first memoir... | more |


Alumni of the Month: Karin Duncker '84

NOV-10 After applying for her dream job and being told that the only position available was as a volunteer, Karin Duncker ’84 never could have imagined that one day she would be recognized as one of the Top 100 technology leaders in New York... | more |

Lidia Szczepanowski

Alumni of the Month: Lidia Szczepanowski '87

Nov-10 As a post-modern day Renaissance woman, Lidia Szczepanowski ’87 encourages women to try new things, broaden their horizons and “check their ordinary at the door.”...| more |

Nabeel Khan '00

Nabeel Khan '00

OCT-10 For Nabeel Khan '00, playing and introducing people to the sport of cricket has become as much of a passion as his success in the construction industry... | more |

Lauren McCullough ’04

Lauren McCullough ’04

SEP-10 An award-winning journalist and social media enthusiast, Lauren has traveled around the country to speak about multimedia journalism, and she lectures on the use and importance of social media in the newsroom... | more |

Robert Harrison '75

Robert Harrison '75

JULY-10 After graduating with a Diploma of Advanced Studies (D.A.S.), Robert Harrison ’75 became a successful communications manager, published poet, cartoonist, newspaper and documentation photographer, children’s book writer, historian, play writer, baseball history re-enactor, docent, and staff writer for two magazines, as well as a sought-after guest speaker on radio and television and at various events. ... | more |

Claudia Gabel ’00

Claudia Gabel ’00

JUNE-10 Ten years ago, when Claudia Gabel ’00 was handed her Master of Arts in English and American literature from Hofstra University, she thought she would walk off the stage and in the direction of a Ph.D. Instead, she moved to New York City and became a children’s book writer and editor.... | more |

Paul DeGrocco

Paul DeGrocco '06

MAY-10 The title of Long Island's "official greeter" belongs to a Hofstra graduate. Paul DeGrocco '06 worked as the weekend DJ at WNYG 1440AM and landed an audition with the Long Island Ducks baseball club... | more |

Kimberly Toscano ’03

Kimberly Toscano ’03

APR-10 As one of only three women in the country to hold the position of principal timpanist in a symphony orchestra, Kimberly Toscano ’03 is truly breaking ground in the chamber music world... | more |

Jamie Morris '07

Jamie Morris '07

Mar-10 The very thing Jamie Morris finds to be her edge can be heard every morning on Z100, the top-rated radio station in New York City: her voice!... | more |

Todd Uterstaedt '93

Todd Uterstaedt '93

FEB-10 Ask former Army Intelligence Officer Todd Uterstaedt '93 which characteristics are most important for success in the corporate world and he will respond that they are similar to the characteristics for success in the military world... | more |

Michael Montlack

Michael Montlack

JAN-10 The teacher's note on Michael Montlack's second grade report card said, "Michael has a gift for telling stories." And all these years later, he's still telling them... | more |

John and Peter Coco'04

Alum of the Month: John and Peter Coco '04

DEC-09 Twin brothers John and Peter Coco are the co-founders and owners of the Music Academy of Garden City (MAGC), which provides Garden City and the surrounding areas with the highest quality musical education available... | more |

Erin Fogel '04

Alum of the Month: Erin Fogel '04

Nov-09 Erin Fogel is more than a name; it is a hilarious state of mind. Erin hails from the bridge and tunnel haven that is Marlboro, New Jersey.... | more |

Jorge Sanchez '87

Alum of the Month: Jorge Sanchez '87

OCT-09 Battling both in the courts as a successful lawyer, and on the court as a winning contestant on American Gladiators, Hofstra alumnus Jorge Sanchez has put his well-rounded interests and education to amazing use.... | more |

Alyssa Jayson '00

Alum of the Month: Alyssa Jayson '00

SEP-09 Alyssa Jayson was born to boogie. It said so above her baby crib. That short saying would unknowingly lead Alyssa to find her innate talents and become the motto for her ever-changing journey.... | more |

Thomas DeLorenzo '84

Alum of the Month: Thomas DeLorenzo '84

AUG-09 Thomas DeLorenzo '84 has some pretty outrageous stories to tell, after nearly 15 years as an entertainment publicist in Los Angeles. Because of his hard work and dedication, Thom is the person with the most nominated client list... | more |

Sheryl Hall ’82

Alum of the Month: Sheryl Hall ’82

JULY-09 Sheryl Hall ’82 was the third person in Hofstra’s history to score 1000 points in basketball and, from this stellar accomplishment, her career trajectory has remained on the rise...
| more |

James Coll '95

Alum of the Month: James Coll '95

JUN-09 When U.S. Airways Flight 1549 crash landed in the Hudson, James Coll ’95 was a first responder on the scene. In 1997, James joined the 'family business' — like his father and brother before him...
| more |

Linda Gassenheimer '64

Alum of the Month: Linda Gassenheimer '64

MAY-09 While Linda Gassenheimer is now a television and radio personality, syndicated journalist, bestselling author, spokesperson, and food consultant, she launched her career from her love and interest in history... | more |

Dennis Scott '74

Alum of the Month: Dennis Scott'74

APR-09 Two-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer/writer/performer Dennis Scott has left no corner of the children’s music industry unexplored... | more |

Meredith Poulten '73

Alum of the Month: Meredith Poulten '73

MAR-09 A fierce believer in the power of prevention, self-esteem, and resiliency, Meredith Poulten has led numerous programs on substance abuse, coping skills, suicide prevention, parenting, and other topics of interest to the community... | more |

Jeffrey Saliture

Alum of the Month: Jeffrey Saliture '08

FEB-09 As founder and CEO of MyWorkster, Jeff Saliture ‘08 is securing his position as one of the brightest young minds in the social media marketplace. ... | more |

Melanie Moore Carpenter

Alum of the Month: Melanie Moore Carpenter '95, '98

JAN-09 Melanie Moore Carpenter ’95, ’98, is founder and partner of i-advize Corporate Communications, Inc., an investor relations agency based in Manhattan’s financial district... | more |

Josh Bernstein

Alum of the Month: Josh Bernstein '91

DEC-08 Hofstra Liberal Arts major Josh Bernstein ‘91 recently wrote and produced a critically acclaimed commercial... | more |

Doris Appelbaum

Alum of the Month: Doris Appelbaum '57

NOV-08 Mensa member and active Hofstra alumna Doris Appelbaum '57 of Glendale, WI, has more than 29 years of resume writing and career counseling experience, and has been published and quoted in numerous newspapers and magazines nationally... | more |

Matthew Friedman

Alum of the Month: Matthew Friedman, B.A., '90; J.D., '94

OCT-08 Matthew Friedman '90, '94 spent 2006 as the “The Piano Man” in the First National Touring Company of Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp’s Tony Award-winning musical, MOVIN’ OUT... | more |

Dr. Kimberly R. Cline

Alum of the Month: Dr. Kimberly R. Cline '87, '89, '96

SEP-08 As the new President of Mercy College, Hofstra alumna Kimberly Cline '87, '89, '96 has an extensive background and dedicated commitment to educational excellence and access... | more |

Miguel Pozo

Alum of the Month: Miguel Pozo '94

AUG-08 Miguel's parents instilled in him the importance of embracing his roots, becoming involved in the community and advocating for the rights of others. It is these values, in part, which led him to a career in the legal profession... | more |

Jennifer Appel

Alum of the Month: Jennifer Appel '86, '90, '93

JUN-08 Jennifer Appel began her professional career as a clinical psychologist, having earned undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees in psychology from Hofstra University. Though academically oriented, she discovered that the culinary arts were also in her blood... | more |

Erik Covitz

Alum of the Month: Erik Covitz '87

MAY-08 Only 10 short years after graduation, Erik Covitz '87 was able to purchase the company where he started his career. He is now president and chief executive officer of Worldwide TicketCraft in Deerfield Beach, Florida... | more |

Shakira Brown

Alum of the Month: Shakira Brown '03

APR-08 In recognition of her exceptional talents as a teacher and role model for students, Shakira Brown ’03 will be traveling to Antarctica in fall 2008 on a National Science Foundation grant with Dr. Stephen Pekar. Shakira’s innovative teaching style... | more |

Namira Salim

Alum of the Month: Namira Salim '92

MAR-08 Namira Salim's selection as founder astronaut of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, the world's first commercial space-line, will make her the first Pakistani and the first UAE resident to experience space travel in 2009.... | more |

Kurt Lambert

Alum of the Month: Dr. Kurt Lambert '88

FEB-08 Dr. Kurt Lambert earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Hofstra University and an M.A. in economics from the University of Texas at Austin. He completed his doctoral studies in economics... | more |

Donald Hofmann

Alum of the Month: Donald Hofmann '79

JAN-08 Donald J. Hofmann is a general partner at Crystal Ridge Partners, a private equity firm located in Princeton, New Jersey. Crystal Ridge Partners invests in growing companies engaged in the light manufacturing, service... | more |

Ann Feuerbach

Alum of the Month: Ann Feuerbach '90

DEC-07 Dr. Ann Feuerbach earned an undergraduate degree in anthropology/art history with a minor in fine arts at Hofstra in 1990. She then pursued a master's degree at New York University and traveled overseas... | more |

Adam Stone

Alum of the Month: Adam Stone '01

NOV-07 Adam Stone is publisher of The Examiner, a weekly Westchester community newspaper he launched in September 2007. Previously, he worked as a freelance reporter. He was published in The New York Times... | more |

Michele (Lumia) Iallonardi

Alum of the Month: Michele (Lumia) Iallonardi '98

OCT-07 Michele (Lumia) Iallonardi graduated from Hofstra University with a dual degree in elementary education and sociology. She has been writing for The Autism Perspective magazine for more than two years... | more |

David Giardina

Alum of the Month: David Giardina '84

SEP-07 David Giardina spent a good part of his childhood performing with various theater companies around Connecticut, including Oddfellows Playhouse (where he studied acting, script writing and directing, and more), Theatre First, Company 1... | more |

Kristen Shaughnessy

Alum of the Month: Kristen Shaughnessy '90

AUG-07 Kristen may be one of the city's only television reporters to grow up in a house without TV. Her family's television set broke when she was very young, and her parents decided that the family would be better off reading... | more |

Todd Gardner

Alum of the Month: Todd Gardner '04

JUL-07 Todd Gardner has been studying marine life since he was old enough to walk. He has an extensive background in marine sciences and has written numerous scientific and popular articles about his research and experiences... | more |

Meredith Eaton-Gilden

Alum of the Month: Meredith Eaton-Gilden '96

JUN-07 Meredith Eaton-Gilden currently stars in a breakout recurring role as feisty attorney Bethany Horowitz, on the ABC hit series Boston Legal, airing Tuesday evenings at 10 PM (ET/PT). She recently appeared in a guest starring role... | more |

Jonathan Moreno

Alum of the Month: Jonathan Moreno B.A. '73

MAY-07 Dr. Jonathan D. Moreno ‘73 is the David and Lyn Silfen University Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He holds a joint appointment in the Department of History and Sociology of Science (School of Arts and Sciences)... | more |

Hilarie Cranmer

Alum of the Month: Hilarie Cranmer B.E. '89

APR-07 Hilarie Cranmer is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and faculty in the Division of International Health and Humanitarian Programs in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital... | more |

Michael Wach

Alum of the Month: Michael Wach B.A. '75, M.A. '76

MAR-07 Michael Wach was named executive vice president of ad sales for YES Network in November 2004. He oversees all national, regional and local advertising sales for the most-watched regional sports television network in the country... | more |

Lisa Henning

Alum of the Month: Lisa Henning B.A. '87, M.A. '88

FEB-07 Lisa Henning is owner and chef of Queen of Cuisine Personal Chef Service ( in southeastern Massachusetts. She launched her business in 2003, offering in-home cooking... | more |

Lou Berger

Alum of the Month: Lou Berger '71

JAN-07 Lou Berger has been welcomed into our homes for more than 17 years as one of the minds behind the highly acclaimed children's television program Sesame Street. He has been the head writer for 10 years... | more |

Loretta Laroche

Alum of the Month: Loretta Laroche '62

DEC-06 Loretta is an international stress management and humor consultant whose wit, and irreverent humor, has, for over 30 years raised the humor potential in all of us. She is a member of faculty at the Mind/Body Medical Institute in Boston... | more |

Paul Cartier

Alum of the Month: Paul Cartier '81

NOV-06 Paul Cartier '81 has been the organist for the New York Yankees since 2004. He has played the organ for the New York Islanders hockey team on and off since 1978, and has been playing steady for the past six years. At the age of 19... | more |