Center for Civic Engagement

Lesson Plans for Democracy in Performance 2012

For Social Realism 2012 art exhibit

Social and Political Issues in Art

Social Realism lesson plans – several topics

For Sojourner Truth
For 6th-8th grade students, focus on her women’s rights and abolitionist activism

For Escaped Slave Stories
Elementary school level lesson plans on Slavery and the Making of America

Documenting the South Classroom Resources Website: African American History Lesson Plans
For grades 9-12 on Post Reconstruction North Carolina

For The Promised Land:  Immigration to America
Library of Congress Materials including Primary Source Documents on Immigration from 1851-1900

Mary Antin’s, The Promised Land online edition

For Tales from the Great Depression
Teaching Eleanor Roosevelt – Lesson Plans, Lecture Notes, Case Studies
for more about The National Youth Administration

For Century of Struggle:  Women’s Vote
From the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library
From the Library of Congress
The Bonus Army – Primary Documents from the Roland Marchland archive at UC Davis

For The Struggle for Civil Rights and the Birth of the NAACP
From the National Endowment for the Humanities (for 9th -12th grades)

For Workers: Triumph and Tragedy
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
For 6th-8th grades
General topics, ideas and materials for teaching about the fire and its impact on labor
The Bread & Roses Strike
Materials sources and lesson ideas

For Jazz and Resistance to Jim Crow
On Jim Crow
On the Harlem Renaissance

For JFK and the Civil Rights Movement
JFK and the Freedom Riders
For grade 10 on Freedom Summer

For Child Labor in the Progressive Era
March of the Mill Children – The Autobiography of Mary Harris (Mother) Jones, Chapter X.
Library of Congress – Child Labor 1830-1930

For Dance Democracy Project
Creating non-verbal story telling