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Dutch Heritage

Hofstra’s Dutch heritage can be traced to the University’s namesake, with the Hofstra family name originating from the Province of Friesland in the Netherlands. Mr. Hofstra was extremely proud of his Dutch ancestry, encouraging and maintaining a strong connection between Hofstra University and the Netherlands. Hofstra promotes its Dutch heritage through the Hofstra seal, coat of arms and other symbols; having been influenced by Dutch insignias. While the school colors are modeled after the Netherland’s original flag colors.

Beginning in 1984, Hofstra’s Dutch heritage and traditions were further celebrated through the production of the Annual Dutch Festival. The festival was held every May in tribute to New York’s Dutch culture. Along with the festival, Hofstra further honors its Dutch roots by displaying their tulips in full bloom, mirroring the popular tulip farms in the Netherlands.

The festival was celebrated for over thirty years, for those interested in further exploring the beauty of Hofstra we are now offering a new arboretum tour and lecture.

For more information on Hofstra’s history please visit:

Dutch Festival
Dutch Festival