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Barry Berman

The Walter H. "Bud" Miller Distinguished Professor in Business and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Marketing and International Business


PHD, 1973, CUNY Gr Sch & Univ Cnt; MBA, 1968, CUNY Baruch Coll; BBA, 1966, CUNY Baruch Coll




  • MKT 101 Principles of Marketing
  • MKT 141 Retail Management
  • MKT 203 Marketing Analysis and Management
  • MKT 401 Marketing Analysis and Management (EMBA)
  • EMBA 410 Initial Executive M.B.A. Residency

Areas of Expertise

  • Retailing
    Co-authored (with Dr. Joel Evans) in 2010 the 11th Edition of Retail Management: A Strategic Approach.
    Foreign editions of this text have been published in Canada, China, India, Philippines, & Russia (in Russian).

    Vice President - American Collegiate Retailing Association

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  • Marketing Management
    Co-authored (with Dr. Joel Evans) in 2010 the 4th Edition of Marketing in the 21st Century.
    The first 2002 edition was one of the first marketing texts to be published in print, as well as an E-book.


Ph.D. in Marketing Specializations in Marketing Management and Behavioral Science & Business
Graduate School & University Center, City University of New York.

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Business Administration & Policy
Bernard M. Baruch School, City College of New York

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Marketing
Bernard M. Baruch School, City College of New York (Cum Laude)

Selected Publications

  • Berman, B. & M. Dong (Forthcoming), "Gray Markets: Past, Present, and Future," International Journal of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research."
  • Berman, B. (forthcoming), "Referral Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Your Customers," Business Horizons 59(1) (January-February 2016).
  • Berman, B. (2015), "How to Compete Effectively Against a Low-Cost Competitor," Business Horizons 58(1) (January-February), 87-97.
  • Berman, B. & A. Mathur (2014), "Planning and Implementing Effective Service Guarantee Programs," Business Horizons, 57(1) (January), 107-116.
  • Berman, Barry (2012), 3-D Printing: The New Industrial Revolution. Business Horizons, 55 (2): 155-162.
  • Berman, Barry (2011). Strategies to Reduce Product Proliferation. Business Horizons, 54 (6): 551-561.
  • Berman, Barry (2011), Products, Products Everywhere, Wall Street Journal/MIT
    Sloan Management Review Executive Adviser
    (August 23, 2010), R8.
  • Berman, Barry (2011), Competing in Tough Times: Business Lessons from L.L.Bean,
    Trader Joe's, Costco and Other World-Class Retailers,
    Financial Times Press: New York.
  • Berman, Barry & Joel Evans (2013), Retail Management: A Strategic Approach, 12th Ed.,
    Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.
  • Evans, Joel & Barry Berman (2010), Marketing in the 21st Century, 4th Ed., Cengage Learning:
    Mason, Ohio.
  • Berman, Barry & Kunal Swani (2010), Managing Product Safety of Imported Chinese Goods.
    Business Horizons,
    53 (1): 39-48.
  • Berman, Barry (2008). Strategies to Detect and Reduce Counterfeiting Activity. Business
    51 (3): 191-199.
  • Berman, Barry (2006). Developing an Effective Customer Loyalty Program. California
    Management Review,
    49 (1): 123-148. Translated into Dutch by Holland Management Review.
  • Berman, Barry (2005). How to Delight Your Customers. California Management Review, 48 (1):
    129-151. This article is one of California Management Review's best-selling reprints.
  • Berman, Barry (2005). Applying Yield Management Pricing to Your Service Business. Business
    48 (2): 169-179.
  • Thelen, Shawn, Sandra Mottner & Barry Berman (2004). Data Mining: Following the Trail to
    Marketing Gold.
    Business Horizons 47 (6): 25-32.
  • Berman, Barry (2004). Strategies to Combat the Sale of Gray Market Goods. Business
    47 (4): 51-60.
  • Berman, Barry, & Shawn Thelen (2004). A Guide to Developing and Managing a Well Integrated
    Multi-Channel Retail Strategy
    . International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 32 (3):
  • Berman, Barry (2002), Should Your Firm Adopt a Mass Customization Strategy? Business
    45 (4): 51-60. (cover story).
  • Berman, Barry & Alex P. Sharland (2002). The Teaching of Relationship Marketing Concepts in
    Introductory Undergraduate Principles and Graduate Introductory Marketing Courses.
    Journal of
    Marketing Education
    24 (2) . 125-134.
  • Evans, Joel R. and Barry Berman (2001). Conceptualizing and Operationalizing the Business-to-Business
    Value Chain
    Industrial Marketing Management 30 (2): 135-148.
  • Berman, Barry (1999). Planning for the Inevitable Recall. Business Horizons 42 (2): 69-78.

Special Accomplishments

President - American Collegiate Retailing Association
Inductee - American Collegiate Retailing Association Hall of Fame

Co-chaired, Triennial Retailing Conference, (sponsored by) the American Marketing Association and the American Collegiate Retailing Association.

National Defense Education Act Fellow

2009, 2006, 2003
Co-chaired (with Dr. Charles McMellon): Triennial Retailing Conference (sponsored by): the Academy of
Marketing Science (AMS) & the American Collegiate Retailing Association (ACRA).

Alumni Achievement Award
Ph.D. Alumni Association
Graduate School & Center, City University of New York

Teaching Interests

Principles of Marketing Marketing Management Marketing Analysis and Management Channel Management

Research Interests

Marketing Management' Retail Management
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