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Cynthia J. Bogard

Professor Emerita of Sociology


PHD, 1995, SUNY Stony Brook Univ; MA, 1993, SUNY Stony Brook Univ; MSW, 1991, SUNY Stony Brook Univ; BSC, 1978, Univ Wisconsin Madison


Chair, Department of Sociology and Criminology Program Fall 2012-August 2017 Executive Producer, “Democracy in Performance, 2016: Presidential Politics – 1872 and 1972.'? A historical performance and conversation under the big top, starring Chautauqua performers playing historical characters: Shirley Chisholm, Victoria Woodhull, Frederick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, and Judge Ward Hunt. In conjunction with Hofstra’s hosting of the presidential debate, 2016. Executive Producer, Expressions of Democracy, 2012. Complex of events that took place the day before Hofstra hosted the 2nd presidential debate in 2012. The events included a juried art exhibit entitled “Social Realism,'? a choreography competition and performance by 10 dance groups entitled “Democracy Dance Project 2012,'? an original play commissioned and performed for the debate entitled “The Bonus Army,'? and 13 historical performances recreating pivotal moments in American Democracy entitled “Democracy in Performance.'? There were five directors, 160 performers, six venues and 2,000 audience members participating in these various events. Founding Executive Director of the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) 2007-2011, a university-based institute designed to strengthen democratic values by encouraging students to actively participate as knowledgeable citizens in their campus, local, state, national and global communities. Under my direction and to this day, CCE sponsored a paid student leadership intern program and hosted a range of events including an Earth Day festival, a public issues conference for students (Day of Dialogue), Civil Rights Day, and our multicultural mixer, among many other programs and events. Editor, Rose Series (one of six), 2005-2011, a social policy-focused book series sponsored by the American Sociological Association and published by Russell Sage. RECENT PUBLICATIONS 2016 Sheinheit, Ian and Cynthia J. Bogard. “Authenticity and Carrier Agents: The Social Construction of Political Gaffes.'? Sociological Forum 31(4) 86-126. 2016 Bogard, Cynthia J. “Community Schools as Tools for Climate Change Adaption in Impoverished Nations: The Example of Haiti.'? Pp. 61-71 in Emergent Possibilities for Global Sustainability: Intersections of Race, Class and Gender, edited by Phoebe Godfrey and Denise Torres. New York: Routledge. 2015 Bogard, Cynthia J. “A ‘Sensibility of the Commons’ and Climate Change Adaptive Capacity in Haiti.'? Perspectives on Global Development and Technology 14 519-543. 2014 Linders, Annulla and Cynthia Bogard. Teenage Pregnancy as a Social Problem: A Comparison of Sweden and the United States. In Andrew L. Cherry and Mary E. Dillon (eds.) Pp. 147-158 in International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy: Medical, Psychosocial and Public Health Responses. Springer Publishing Company. 2013 Bogard, Cynthia J. and Ian Sheinheit. Good Ol' Boy Talk vs. the Blogosphere in the Case of Former Senator George Allen. Mass Communication and Society 16(3) 347-368. 2012 Green, David M. and Cynthia J. Bogard. The Making of Friends and Enemies: Assessing the Determinants of International Identity Construction. Democracy and Security 8(30) 277-314.

Teaching Interests

Bogard teaches political sociology, contemporary society and poverty and social policy courses regularly. She also has taught sociology of environmentalism, sociology of education and sociology of gender, teaches in the First Year Connections program regularly and on occasion in HU Honors Program Culture & Expression and Women’s Studies.

Research Interests

Bogard is primarily interested in the social construction of knowledge and has worked on how framing social issues influences policy outcomes for many years. She has studied homelessness policy as a key exemplar. Most recently, she has applied social constructionist ideas to electoral and international politics. She has also written about education and environmental policy in Haiti.
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