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Honglai Zhang

Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy


AAS, 2007, Suny Nassau Cc; PHD, 1991, Jilin Univ; MD, 1984, Jilin Univ


Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board


Fallini C., Zhang HL, Su Y., Silani Y., Singer RH., Rossoll W. and Bassell GJ. (2010) The Survival of Motor Neuron (SMN) Protein Interacts with the mRNA Binding Protein HuD and Regulates Localization of Poly(A) mRNA in Primary Motor Neuron Axons. Journal of Neuroscience 31: 3914-3925.

Zhang HL, Xing L, Singer RH and Bassell GJ. (2007) QNQKE targeting motif for the SMN-Gemin multiprotein complex in neurons. Journal of Neuroscience Research 85: 2657-2667.

Zhang HL, Xing L, Rossoll W, Wichterle H, Singer RH and Bassell GJ. (2006) Multiprotein Complex of the Survival of Motor Neuron Protein SMN with Gemins Traffic to Neuronal Processes and Growth Cones of Motor Neurons. Journal of Neuroscience 26: 8622-8632.

Carrel TL, McWhorter ML, Workman E, Zhang HL, Xing L, Lorson C, Bassell GJ, Burghes AHM and Beattie CE. (2006) SMN function in motor axons does not require efficient oligomerization or Sm protein binding. Journal of Neuroscience 26: 11014-11022.

Le TT, Pham LT, Butchbach MER, Zhang HL, Monani UR, Coovert DD, Gavrilina TO, Xing L, Bassell GJ and Burghes AHM. (2005) SMNΔ7, the major product of the centromeric survival motor neuron (SMN2) gene, extends survival in mice with spinal muscular atrophy and associates with full-length SMN. Human Molecular Genetics 14: 845 ? 857.

Zhang HL, Pan F, Hong B, Shenoy SM, Singer RH and Bassell GJ. (2003) Active transport of the Survival of Motor Neuron Protein (SMN) and the role of exon-7 in cytoplasmic localization. Journal of Neuroscience 23: 6627-6637.

Zhang HL, Eom T, Oleynikov Y, Shenoy SM, Liebelt DA, Dictenberg JB, Singer RH and Bassell GJ. (2001) Neurotrophin-induced transport of a beta-actin mRNP complex increases β-actin levels and stimulates growth cone motility. Neuron 31: 261?275.

Zhang HL, Singer RH and Bassell GJ. (1999) Neurotrophin regulation of beta-actin mRNA and protein localization within growth cones. Journal of Cell Biology 147(1): 59-70.

Gu W, Pan F, Zhang HL, Bassell GJ and Singer RH. (2002) A predominantly nuclear protein affecting cytoplasmic localization of beta-actin mRNA in fibroblasts and neurons. Journal of Cell Biology 156: 41-51.

Bassell GJ, Zhang HL, Byrd AL, Singer RH, Femino AM, Taneja KL, Lifshitz LM, Herman IM and Kosik KS. (1998) Sorting of beta actin mRNA and protein to neurites and growth cones in culture. Journal of Neuroscience 18(1): 251-265.

Zhang HL, Zhong ZJ and Pirofski L. (1997) Peptide epitopes recognized by a human anti-cryptococcal glucuronoxylomannan antibody. Infection and Immunity 65(4): 1158-1164.

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