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Anna M. Feuerbach

Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology


PHD, 2002, University College London; MSC, 1995, University College London; BSC, 1994, University College London


Research Interests:

  • Central Asia
  • Forensic Science
  • Ancient Technology
  • Archaeological Science
  • Art and Archaeological Conservation

Recent Publications:

  • Feuerbach, A., Griffiths, D.R., and Merkel, J.F. 2003. Crucible Steel Manufacturing at Merv. Mining and Metal Production Through the Ages. P. Craddock and J. Lang (eds.) London: British Museum. 258-266.
  • Griffiths D. and Feuerbach A. 2001. The Conservation of Wet Medieval Window Glass: A Test Using an Ethanol and Acetone Mixed Solvent System. Journal of the American Institute For Conservation. 40:125-136.

Current Research:

Current research includes writing a book on the origins and manufacture of crucible Damascus steel. Home Page

Additional current research includes the methods and materials used to produce ceramic glazes, and glass from Islamic-period Turkmenistan.

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