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Javier A. Izquierdo

Assistant Professor of Biology


PHD, 2007, Univ Mass Amherst; BSC, 1998, Case Western Reserve Univ


Research in Dr. Izquierdo's lab focuses on exploring the metabolic diversity of microbial processes and the applications we can derive from them. He utilizes cross-disciplinary approaches incorporating microbiological, ecological, evolutionary, molecular and genomic techniques to 1) understand the contributions of plant microbiomes to the health of their host and 2) discover novel microbial processes for the sustainable production of biofuels and bioproducts from agricultural wastes.

Dr. Izquierdo did his postdoctoral work as a Research Scientist for the DOE-funded BioEnergy Science Center (BESC) at Dartmouth College and North Carolina State University, investigating the diversity and the physiology of thermophilic microbes able to convert cellulose to fuels and chemicals. He obtained his doctorate degree in microbiology investigating the diversity of microbes involved in nitrogen-cycling processes in agricultural soils and the response of these communities to environmental disturbance. Prior to joining Hofstra, Dr. Izquierdo was also active in the industrial sector as Bioenergy Program Manager at the Center of Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology at RTI International. Dr. Izquierdo holds a B.Sc. in Biology from Case Western Reserve University and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 


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