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Saryn R. Goldberg

Associate Professor of Engineering


PHD, 2004, Stanford Univ; MS, 1999, Northwstrn Univ; BSC, 1997, Brown Univ


Academic Interests:

Human movement biomechanics
Undergraduate engineering education

Courses Taught:

ENGG025: Engineering Mechanics: Statics
ENGG026: Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
ENGG027: Introduction to Materials Science
ENGG159: Engineering Ergonomics
ENGG163: Mechanics of Materials Laboratory
ENGG196: Biomechanics of Human Movement

Supervised student projects:

Design of a motor-assist arm brace
Design of a $10 microscope
Transformation of a standard ergometer into a sweep rowing machine
Design of a wall-mounted low-force bike storage rack
The snow catapult

Current funding:

National Science Foundation Research Initiation Grants in Engineering Education (RIGEE) Award – “Improving Learning in Engineering by Introducing a Writing-to-Learn Component to Quantitative Problem-Solving Tasks”, $150k, 1/1/12- 12/31/13

Most recent publications:

Haeri, M., Goldberg S.R., and Gilbert J.L., 2011.  The voltage-dependent electrochemical spectroscopy of CoCrMo medical alloy using time-domain techniques: Generalized Cauchy-Lorentz and KWW-Randles functions describing non-ideal interfacial behaviour.  Corrosion Science, 53, pp. 582-588.

Goldberg S.R., Kepple T.M., and Stanhope S.J., 2009. In situ calibration and motion capture transformation optimization improve instrumented treadmill measurements. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 25, pp.401-406.

Goldberg S.R. and Kepple T.M., 2009. Muscle induced accelerations at maximum activation to assess individual muscle capacity during movement. Journal of Biomechanics, 42, 952-955.

Goldberg S.R., Ounpuu S., Arnold A.S., Gage J.R., and Delp S.L., 2006. Kinematic and kinetic factors that correlate with improved knee flexion following treatment for stiff-knee gait. Journal of Biomechanics, 39, pp.689-698.

Goldberg S.R., Anderson, F.C., Pandy M.G., and Delp S.L., 2004. Muscles that influence knee flexion velocity in double support: implications for stiff-knee gait.  Journal of Biomechanics, 37, pp.1189-1196.

Anderson, F.C., Goldberg S.R., Pandy M.G., and Delp S.L., 2004. Contributions of muscle forces to peak knee flexion during the swing phase of normal gait: an induced position analysis.  Journal of Biomechanics 37, 731-737.

Goldberg S.R., Ounpuu S., and Delp S.L., 2003.  The importance of swing-phase initial conditions in stiff-knee gait.  Journal of Biomechanics, 36, pp. 1111-1116.

Goldberg S.R. and Gilbert J.L., 2001.  Transient electric fields induced by mechanically assisted corrosion of Ti-6Al-4V.  Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 56, pp. 184-194.

Professional & technical memberships:

American Society of Biomechanics

Outside Interests:

Waltz and swing dancing, scuba diving, biking, home improvement projects

Recent Courses Taught

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