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Sharryn M. Kasmir

Professor of Anthropology


PHD, 1993, CUNY Gr Sch & Univ Cnt; MPHIL, 1988, CUNY Hunter Coll; BA, 1984, Univ Mass Amherst


Sharryn Kasmir is a cultural anthropologist who has done fieldwork in the Basque region of Spain and in the southern United States. In the Basque country, she studied the world renown Mondragon worker owned cooperatives. Her book The Myth of Mondragon was the first, full-length study to take a working-class perspective on the cooperative. It remains one of the most important works on the topic. Dr. Kasmir spent a year in the Spring Hill, Tennessee area to complete her study of General Motor'rsquo;s Saturn factory. Her writing on Saturn examines how auto workers’ lives are impacted by the constant threat of plant closure and the persistence of insecurity. Professor Kasmir continues her research and writing on capitalism and working class lives and politics. Her recent co-edited volume Blood & Fire examines these issues and develops an agenda for the anthropology of labor.

Select Publications:

“History, Politics, Space, Labor: On Unevenness as an Anthropological Concept,” Dialectical Anthropology 2016 20(2): 87-102. (with Lesley Gill)

“The Saturn Factory and the Disorganization of Autoworkers,” Work and Livelihoods in Times of CrisisHistory, Ethnography, Models. Eds. Susana Narotzky and Victoria Goddard. Routledge, 2016.

 “The Mondragon Cooperatives and Global Capitalism: A Critical Analysis,” New Labor ForumJanuary 2016, 25(1): 52-59.

Blood and Fire: Toward a Global Anthropology of Labor, Eds. Sharryn Kasmir and August Carbonella. New York, Oxford: Berghahn Press. 2014.

El mito de Mondragón: cooperativas, politica y la clase obrera en una ciudad vasca. Tafalla, Spain: Txalaparta Editorial. 1999.

The ‘Myth’ of Mondragón: Cooperatives, Politics and Working-Class Life in a Basque Town. New York: State University of New York Press. 1996.

The Mondragón Cooperatives and Global Capitalism: A Critical Analysis,” New Labor Forum25(1) 2016.

"Dispossession, Disorganization and The Anthropology of Labor," co-author August Carbonella, In The Anthropology of Class, eds. Don Kalb and James Carrier. Cambridge University Press. 2015.

“The Saturn Plant and the Long Dispossession of U.S. Autoworkers,” In Blood and Fire: Toward a Global Anthropology of Labor,Eds. Sharryn Kasmir and August Carbonella, Berghahn Press 2014.

“DuBois’s Darkwater and An Anti-Colonial, Internationalist Anthropology,” co-author August Carbonella, Dialectical Anthropology, 2008, 32(1-2): 113-121.

“Dispossession and the Anthropology of Labor,” co-author August Carbonella. Critique of Anthropology, 2008, 28(1): 5-25

“‘More Basque Than You!’: Class, Youth Culture, and Basque Identity in Radical-Nationalist Bars,” Identities, Global Studies in Culture and Power. 2002, 9(1):39-68.

“From the Margins: Punk Rock and the Repositioning of Ethnicity and Gender in Basque Identity,” In William A. Douglass, et al., Eds. Basques in the Contemporary World: Migration, Identity, and Globalization. Basque Culture. Reno: University of Nevada Press. 2000: 178-204.

“The Mondragón Model as Post-Fordist Discourse: Considerations on the Production of Post-Fordism,” Critique of Anthropology. 1999, 19(4): 379-400.

Research Interests

  • Global Capitalism
  • Labor and Working Classes
  • Nationalist Movements and Identity
  • Popular Culture
  • Western Europe
  • North America

Recent Courses Taught

Course Title Level
ANTH 133 (CC) FOOD AND CULTURE Undergraduate
ANTH 145 GNDR, SEX & SEXUALITY Undergraduate
ANTH 185 METHODS IN ANTH Undergraduate
FST 001 (IS) FOOD STUDIES Undergraduate
FST 2001 (IS) FOOD STUDIES Graduate
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