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Claire K. Lindgren

Professor of Fine Arts, Design, Art History


PHD, 1976, Columbia University; MPH, 1973, Columbia University; MA, 1970, Columbia University; BA, 1968, SUNY Stony Brook Univ; AAS, 1957, SUNY Fashion Inst Tech CC


To me "art is the Mirror of History." Just as a mirror reflects an image of a person, the art and architecture of a period are visual reflections of the history of an era. While one can and should respond to works of art guided by an inner feeling, there is much more to understanding art. To fully appreciate a work, the intent of the artist and his patron must be considered. The formal style, the iconography, and the social and economic situation that existed when the work was created all come into play in such an examination.

Teaching Interests

Art and Architectural History (Surveys Caves to Present Day) Greek Art/Architecture and Archaeology Roman Art /Architecture/and Archaeology Medieval Art /Architecture and Archaeology ( Celtic,Early Medieval,Romanesque,and Gothic) Italian Renaissance Art/Architecture 19th Century European Art and Architecture 20th Century Art and Architecture Art of Personal Adornment (History of Clothing and Jewelry) First Year Connection Seminars

Research Interests

Greek Architecture,Painting, Sculpture,Archaeology Roman Architecture, Painting,Sculpture, Archaeology Classical Mythology as depicted in Art 19th Century Neoclassical and Academic Art History of Fashion and Jewelry Comparative Iconography

Recent Courses Taught

Course Title Level
AH 003 (AA) GODS AND KINGS Undergraduate
AH 101 (AA) ANCIENT ART Undergraduate
AH 102 (AA) MEDIEVAL ART Undergraduate
AH 106 (AA) ITAL RENAISSANCE ART Undergraduate
AH 120 (AA) 20TH CENT PAINT-EUR Undergraduate
Photo of Claire Lindgren

Calkins Hall 212A
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