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William J. Mangino

Professor of Sociology


PHD, 2005, Yale Univ; MPHIL, 2003, Yale Univ; MA, 2000, Yale Univ; MSW, 1998, SUNY Stony Brook Univ; BA, 1990, SUNY Stony Brook Univ


Dr. William Mangino is a Professor in the Department of Sociology.  He has served as the interim Department Chair and as the Director of the Graduate Program in Applied Social Research and Policy Analysis.  His research appears in numerous prestigious journals, including Sociology of Education, Social Science Quarterly, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Race and Social Problems, Sociological Forum, and others.  His work combines “Post Structuralism” with human capital and social capital approaches to educational stratification and racial inequality in the United States.  He applies this theoretical synthesis to large-scale quantitative datasets to statistically model patterns of adolescent- and parent- social networks, and how these networks influence academic and delinquent outcomes.  Professor Mangino also conducts research on the New York State public school system, with special emphasis on Nassau and Suffolk counties. 

A dynamic and passionate educator, Dr. Mangino’s unconventional classroom demeanor is consistently praised by Hofstra students.  His courses run the gamut from Introduction to Sociology (Soc 004) to the major’s Capstone Course (Soc 191), and many in between.

Professor Mangino received his doctorate from Yale University in 2005, where his dissertation was graded “Distinguished” and won the Marvin B. Sussman Prize for the most outstanding dissertation.  Professor Mangino also holds an MSW (1998) from Stony Brook, and he has practiced clinical social work in public school settings.  In 1990, Professor Mangino was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society when he received his BA (Psychology) with honors from Stony Brook.


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Teaching Interests

Social Stratification & Inequality; Education; Race in the United States; Classic & Contemporary Sociological Theory; Social Networks; Statistics; Survey Methods

Research Interests

Social Stratification & Inequality; Education; Race in the United States; Classic & Contemporary Sociological Theory; Social Networks; Statistics; Survey Methods

Recent Courses Taught

Course Title Level
SOC 100 HONORS ESSAY Undergraduate
SOC 151 ETHICTY & RACE BTWN STU & INST Undergraduate
SOC 180 STATISTICS IN SOC Undergraduate
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