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Anil Mathur

The Brodlieb Distinguished Professor in Business and Professor of Marketing and International Business, Chair


PHD, 1991, Georgia State Univ; MBA, 1978, Indian Institute of Management; MS, 1975, Univ Delhi; BS, 1972, Univ Calcutta


Brodlieb Distinguished Professor of Business and Chairperson, Marketing and International Business


  • MKT 401 Marketing Analysis and Management (EMBA)

  • MKT 309 Research Seminar in Marketing(Graduate)

  • MKT 245 Marketing Research (Graduate)

  • MKT 212 Strategic Marketing of Services

  • MKT 203 Marketing Analysis and Management (Graduate)

  • MKT101 Principles of Marketing

  • MKT 124 Consumer Behavior

  • MKT169 Marketing of Services

  • MKT 175 Marketing Planning and Strategy

Areas of Expertise & Research

  • Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior

  • Cross-Cultural Fashion Innovativeness & Age Perceptions

  • Life-Course & Aging Process - Measurement and Theory

  • International Marketing

  • Global Business Strategy


English & Hindi



Ph.D. in Marketing

College of Business, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India


Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Zoology

University of Delhi, Delhi, India


Bachelor of Science (M.Sc.) in Zoology

University of Calcutta, Calcutta, India

Selected Publications


  • Moschis George P. & Anil Mathur (2007), Baby Boomers and Their Parents: Surprising Findings About Their Lifestyles and Well-Being, Paramount Publishing, Ithaca, New York.

  • Moschis, George P., Euehun Lee, Anil Mathur, & Jennifer Strautman (2000), The Maturing Marketplace: Buying Habits of Baby Boomers and Their Parents, Quorum Books, CT.

  • Mathur, Anil (2009) The Code Breaker (A novel), Create Space, New York.

Journal Articles:

  • Anil Mathur, Fon Sim Ong, Choong Kwai Fatt, Pakakorn Rakrachakrn, George P. Moschis (2017), “Beyond Cognitive age: Developing A Multitheoretical Measure of Age and its Assessment,” Journal of Marketing Analytics. 5(1), 1-13.

  • Anil Mathur, Benny Barak, Yong Zhang, Keun S. Lee, Boonghee Yoo, and Keeyeon Ha (2015), “Social Religiosity: Concept and Measurement Across Divergent Cultures,” Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 27(5), 717-734.

  • George P. Moschis, Euehun Lee, Anil Mathur, Edward E. Rigdon, and Choong Kwai Fatt (2015), “A Study of Delayed Purchases of Enabling Products in the United States: The Case of Hearing Aids,” International Journal of Consumer Studies, 39(4), 380-386.

  • Joel Evans and Anil Mathur (2014), “Retailing and the Period Leading Up to the Great Recession: A Model and a Twenty-Five Year Financial Ratio Analysis of U.S. Retailing,” The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 24(1), 30-58.

  • Barry Berman and Anil Mathur (2014), “Planning and Implementing Effective Service Guarantee Programs,” Business Horizons, 57(1), 107-116.

  • George P. Moschis, Anil Mathur, Choong Kwai Fatt, and Cristiane Pizzutti (2013), “Effects of Family Structure on Materialism and Compulsive Consumption: a Life Course Study in Brazil,” Journal of Research for Consumers, 23(4) 66-96.

  • Andrew Baker, Anil Mathur, Choong Kwai Fatt, George P. Moschis, and Edward Rigdon (forthcoming), “Using the Life Course Paradigm to Explain Mechanisms that Link Family Disruptions to Compulsive Buying,” Journal of Consumer Affairs.

  • Anil Mathur (2012), “Consumer Acculturation in the Age of Globalization: A Study of First-Generation Indian Immigrants in the United States,” Journal of International Consumer Marketing, Vol. 24, 372- 384.

  • John M. Planchon, Anil Mathur, William L. James, and Lilliane Van Hoof (2012) “Liking for the Ad and Interest in Purchase Examined by OLS and SUR,” Review of Business Research, Vol 12, (5), 143-149. Note: this paper was also presented at IABE conference held in Las Vegas in 2012.

  • Anil Mathur (2013) “Materialism and Charitable Giving: Can They Co-exist?” Journal of Consumer Behaviour 12, 149-158.

  • Euehun Lee, Anil Mathur, Choong Kwai Fatt, and George P. Moschis, (2012), “The Timing and Context of Consumer Decisions: Insights From The Life Course Paradigm,” Marketing Letters, 23(3), 793-805

  • Anil Mathur (2012), “Measurement and Meaning of Religiosity: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Religiosity and Charitable Giving, Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, 20(2), 84-95.

  • Anil Mathur (2012), Managerial Motivation and Determinants of Their Performance A Comparison of Middle-Level Managers From the United States and Europe,” Journal of International Business and Law, 11(2), 339-350.

  • George P. Moschis, Fon Sim Ong, Masoud Ambassi, Takako Yamashita, and Anil Mathur (2012), “Cultural and Age-related Differences in Reliability: An Empirical Study in U.S., Malaysia, and Japan,” Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, 19(3/4), 141-151.

  • George P. Moschis, Fon Sim Ong, Anil Mathur, Masood Abessi, and Yamashita Takako (2013) “Cultural and Sub-cultural Differences in Reliability: An Empirical Study in Japan and Malaysia," Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol. 25, no. 1, 34-47.

  • Anil Mathur (2011) “Consumer Trying: Scale Development and Validation.” Journal of Targeting, Measurement, and Analysis for Marketing, 19, 45-54.

  • Moschis, George P., Fon Sim Ong, Anil Mathur, Takako Yamashita, Sarah Benmoyal-Dauphie (2011), “Family and Television Influences on Materialism: A Cross-Cultural Life-Course Approach,” Journal of Asia Business Studies, 5(2), 124-144.

  • Barak, Benny, Denis Guiot, Anil Mathur, Yong Zhang, Yong, & Keun S. Lee (2011), An Empirical Assessment of Cross-Cultural Age Self- Construal Measurement: Evidence from Three Countries. Psychology & Marketing, 28(5), 479-495.

  • Zhang, Yong, James Neelankavil, & Anil Mathur (2009). The Cultural Relativity of Managerial Leadership Styles: A Cross Cultural Comparison of Middle-Level Managers in four Countries. International Journal of Business and Public Administration, 6 (3), Fall, 32-49.

  • Mathur, Anil, George P. Moschis, & Euehun Lee (2008). A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Life Status Changes on Changes in Consumer Preferences. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

  • Lee, Euehun, George P. Moschis, & Anil Mathur (2007). Stress, Coping, and Consumer Preferences: A Two-Way Transitional Event History Analysis. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 31(4), July, pp. 428-435.

  • Moschis, George P. & Anil Mathur (2006), Older Consumer Responses to Marketing Stimuli: The Power of Subjective Age. Journal of Advertising Research, 46(3), September, 339-346.

  • Mathur, Anil, George P. Moschis, & Euehun Lee (2006). Consumer Stress - Handling Strategies: Theory and Research Findings. Journal of Consumer Behaviour. 5(3), 193-203.

  • Mathur, Anil & George P. Moschis (2005). Antecedents of Cognitive Age: A Replication and Extension. Psychology and Marketing. 22(12), 969-994.

  • Evans, Joel & Anil Mathur (2005). The Value of Internet Surveys: The Future is Now. Internet Research. 15(2), 195-219.

  • Anil Mathur, Benny Barak, Yong Zhang, and Keun S. Lee (2001). A Cross-Cultural Procedure to Assess Reliability and Measurement Invariance. Journal of Applied Measurement, 2(3), 241-255.

  • Barak, Benny, Anil Mathur, Keun S. Lee, & Yong Zhang (2001). Perceptions of Age-Identity: A Cross- Cultural Inner-Age Exploration. Psychology and Marketing, 18(10), 1003-1029.

  • Mathur, Anil, Yong Zhang, & James Neelankavil (2001), "Critical Managerial Motivational Factors: A Cross Cultural Analysis of Four Culturally Divergent Countries," International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 1(3), 251-267.

  • Neelankavil, James, Anil Mathur & Yong Zhang (2000). Determinants of Managerial Performance: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Middle Managers from Four Countries. Journal of International Business Studies, 31 (1)

Awards & Honors


Best Teacher Award awarded by the graduating class of On-line MBA, 2015.


Dean's Research Award, Frank G. Zarb School of Business.


Best Paper Award, Presented at the International Academy of Business & Public Administration's Annual Conference, Dallas, TX.

Chapter Honoree, Beta Gamma Sigma, 2009


Teaching Excellence Award 1991, College of Business Administration, Georgia State University.


Track award for best paper, Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference 1989.

2006 - Present

Editorial Board - Psychology & Marketing

Business Experience

1978 - 1987

Deputy Manager at Bhrat Heavy Electricals, Ltd, Bangalore, India.

Recent Courses Taught

Course Title Level
BBA 100 BUS & SOC: FOUND FOR PROF DEV Undergraduate
MKT 151 READINGS Undergraduate
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