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Faculty Policy Series #38

Faculty Study Rooms In The Library

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  1. Criteria for Assignment
    1. Faculty studies in the Library may be assigned to full-time members of the faculty and the administration.
    2. Applications will be submitted in writing to the Dean of Library Services, who will make assignments according to the criteria stated below.
    3. The application will include:
      1. the purpose for which the study is requested,
      2. a concise description of the project,
      3. the length of time use of the study is required.
  2. Conditions for Use
    1. The use of the studies and library materials will be governed by Library regulations.
    2. Faculty studies are for research purposes. They are not to be used for departmental or other administrative purposes nor for consultation with students.
    3. Preference will be given to applicants engaged in major research.
    4. A study will be assigned to a single individual who will be responsible for that study.
    5. Studies must be actively used to be retained; they must not be used for the storage of materials.
    6. Assignments will normally be for a semester, although reassignments will be made whenever a study becomes available.

FPS #38
(rev. 1981)