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edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) is a portfolio assessment system that is intended to measure readiness for a teacher preparation candidate to teach.  New York State signed on to use this system as a certification requirement, making efforts to ensure that new teachers have skills and dispositions necessary to predict success in their first teaching positions.

New York State, unlike most others, adopted edTPA as a requirement for initial teacher certification, where students must receive passing scores on edTPA in order to be licensed.  As a result, the assessment has become a high-stakes test.

During student teaching experiences, students must build an edTPA portfolio that demonstrates the ability to plan effectively, teach a 3-5 lesson sequence, and assess instruction and learning results in order to guide future teaching.  As part of this portfolio, video clips of the lessons taught must be included as evidence of competence. Scoring of edTPA portfolios is done through Pearson by teachers, school administrators, and college faculty who are trained to analyze portfolios through the use of evaluation rubrics. The New York State Education Department solicited input from educators around the state in order to determine passing cut scores for edTPA portfolios in all certification areas.

Hofstra’s School of Education aggregate passing score on the edTPA portfolio assessment has consistently surpassed the approximate statewide average of 85%.  Our passing rate, since edTPA’s inception, is 92%.  

The School of Education has made permanent changes in course work and field placement procedures to align syllabi and practice with edTPA requirements as well as providing extensive professional development for professors, instructors and field supervisors. Students are provided as much assistance as is allowed, including a full-day edTPA orientation session prior to the beginning of student teaching, two portfolio support days during student teaching, and unlimited access to course professors and field supervisors each semester. Throughout the process of student teachers developing their edTPA portfolios, the Office of Field Placement, specifically Associate Deans Stephen J. Hernandez serving as edTPA Coordinator and Associate Dean John Lewis providing administrative and field placement coordination.

Are you moving to New York from out of state?

In addition, Hofstra offers a 2-credit edTPA Mentorship course to out-of-state teachers seeking New York State certification,  providing needed support in developing an edTPA portfolio in the appropriate teacher certification area.  This experience includes securing a short teaching placement in a public school needed to teach lessons to be used for the portfolio, access to an experienced field supervisor, attendance at orientations and support sessions, and conferencing opportunities with Hofstra’s own edTPA experts. Please note that Hofstra provides edTPA mentorship services only in certification areas that are offered in the School of Education.

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