This information is from the 2017-2018 Law Catalog. Please note that registration restrictions are subject to change.

LAW 2783   - Legal Analysis, Writing & Research II

Leg. Analysis Wrtg. & Res. II completes the five-credit first-year course sequence in legal analysis, writing and research, which begins in Leg. Wrtg. Analysis & Res. I in the fall semester. Leg. Analysis Wrtg. & Res. II primarily teaches persuasive writing, introduced through a trial-court level brief and developed through an appellate brief. To learn time-efficient writing skills, students write additional memos under the type of constraints required in contemporary law practice, typically measured in hours rather than days. And to learn tightly concise writing for busy partners and clients, students write email advice memos. Research instruction, begun in the fall, is completed in this course. As in the fall, professors provide substantial individualized feedback and conduct one-on-one conferences with students to critique their work and discuss rewriting techniques as well as methods through which each student can improve. At the end of the course, students participate in an oral argument.

Semester Hours: 2 
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