This information is from the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin. Please note that registration restrictions are subject to change.

RTVF 34   - Foundations of Television and Web TV Writing

Fall, Spring
This course provides a general orientation into the process of writing for television and online media applications. It is designed for students who are beginning their study of the wide range of media forms and techniques available for distribution in network, cable, and non-commercial television, as well as in related, emerging Web TV media (through original programming as well as additive marketing partnerships and tie-ins). The class will also include a thorough examination of effective strategies to develop broadcast and online scripts and treatments that will effectively communicate a desired conceptual message to increasingly fragmented audience(s). Therefore, the course will provide students with an opportunity to write scripts and Web-distributed programming. This would include long- and short-form writing examples for (but not limited to): talk shows, children???s programs, game shows, episodic dramas, reality programs, situation comedies and commercials.

Semester Hours: 3 

Video/TV majors only. May not be taken on a Pass/D+D/Fail basis.

a) See the Bulletin for a special note regarding course titles with the following symbols: *, !, or ?

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