This information is from the 2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin. Please note that registration restrictions are subject to change.

RTVF 107   - Cinematography and Lighting for Film
Description: Fall, Spring
This course combines the theoretical and practical elements of cinematography and lighting. While learning the techniques of studio and location lighting, students also study historical and contemporary trends and styles. Students learn how to visualize the script and light for the actors. Film emulsions, exposure, filters, camera placement, composition, movement, and continuity will be covered. Emphasis is placed on the importance of light to telling a story. Practical tests and scenes are shot on 16mm film stocks. 
Semester Hours: 3 
Prerequisites: RTVF 27. Admission to class by permission of department. Lab fee additional. No liberal arts credit.? May not be taken on a Pass/D+/D/Fail basis. 
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