Health Professions and Human Services

Accelerated and Dual-Degree Programs


In today’s competitive workforce, a master’s degree has become increasingly valuable. The School of Health Professions and Human Services offers many accelerated and dual-degree program options, which allow students to earn both an undergraduate and graduate degree in 5-6 years.


Saves you time

 Students can earn both degrees in less time than if each degree were pursued separately.


Saves you money

Undergraduate students can take up to 15 credits that fulfill requirements for their master’s degree programs -- which could mean a savings of over $20,000! Additionally, while completing graduate coursework as an undergraduate, you may be able to benefit from utilizing your financial aid and/or scholarships.


Gets you into the healthcare workforce quicker

Choosing an accelerated or dual-degree program will unlock your future sooner, so you can do what you love most – make a difference. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates at least a 14% increase in employment across health care -- much higher than the national average!


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