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Make a Donation to the Recovery From Superstorm Sandy

Put SANDY in the designation section and your gift will be added to the Hofstra University Community Disaster Relief Fund

Announcing the Hofstra University Community Disaster Relief Fund

The past few weeks have been a test of our region and our community.  While the Hofstra campus made it through the storm with minimal loss, mostly to trees, many faculty, staff and students sustained great damage, and in some cases, total loss -  of their homes, cars and possessions.  This has been a storm, and a time, like no other in our memory, and it will take a long time to get past the trauma that many in our community have suffered and continue to suffer.    

Times like this, however, are the true test of the character of a community, and in the aftermath of the losses incurred during Hurricane Sandy, the Hofstra community has been extraordinarily generous, running supply, food and blood drives.  Many of you have personally volunteered in efforts in Long Beach, Freeport, the Rockaways, Island Park and Staten Island, and I know of entire departments who provided shelter, comfort and assistance to students and colleagues. Student Affairs, the Provost’s Office, Facilities and Operations, the Counseling Center and Human Resources have all responded to the call, providing emergency housing, referrals, counseling and support.   Each of you, departments and individuals alike, have all responded with great warmth and generosity, and I have never been prouder to be a member of the Hofstra community than I am today.  

Our work, however, is not complete.  Even the best insurance coverage and the ongoing relief efforts and grants undertaken by others will not make those with great losses whole, and while no amount of money will give people back everything they have lost, we can try, as the Hofstra family, to do everything we can to provide comfort and assistance. 

I am pleased to announce the Hofstra University Community Disaster Relief Fund, to assist full-time Hofstra employees and students who have suffered losses due to Hurricane Sandy.  The fund will be managed by an advisory committee organized through our Human Resources Department and will disburse grants to fulltime employees and students who suffered loss due to the hurricane and who complete the necessary paperwork.  Our goal is to provide grants of up to $500 - $1000 to each person who qualifies for relief.  All monies raised will be spent solely for hurricane relief.  

In addition, I am pleased to announce the University will match funds, up to $50,000, raised for the Relief Fund.  

We now ask that you be as generous as your means allow, to help the many, many members of our community we estimate suffered great losses.  You can donate to the fund by check (made payable to Hofstra University, with the note “Sandy” in the memo) and send the check to the Office of Development in Hofstra Hall.   To donate online, please go to and follow the procedures for making a gift.  Click “other” when you reach the gift designation section. At that point, please type in SANDY and your gift will be designated to the Fund. 

For those who would like to be considered for a Sandy relief grant, please complete the application available on the portal.  Because we’d like to provide some small measure of relief to our community before the holidays, we will ask that applications be returned by Monday, November 19, 2012. 

Thank you for your continued generosity.  

Stuart Rabinowitz
Hofstra University

Drive for victims of Sandy

Supply drive:

We will begin our supply drive to assist the victims of Hurricane Sandy.   We are working with the Long Beach distribution network, an informal network bringing food and supplies into central Long Beach and managed by the City of Long Beach. They are asking for non-perishable food items (that do not require preparation; pop-top cans preferred); gluten-free food; water; cleaning supplies such as air fresheners, brooms, Lysol, other  cleaning supplies; personal items such as mouthwash, cotton balls, first-aid kits, floss; and miscellaneous items such as AAA batteries, plastic storage bins.  NO CLOTHES PLEASE.  They are currently at capacity with clothing donations.  Drop-off points will be established on Monday morning at Hofstra Hall (lobby); Student Center Main Dining Room; Alumni House; Adams Playhouse; Continuing Education and Hagedorn Hall.

Some on campus resources that may be helpful to students:

Center for University Advisement    463-6770
Student Counseling Center  463-6791
Health and Wellness Center 463-6745
Residential Programs 463-6930

Thank you for your patience. 

Connecting people to help

The Exchange (Sandy's List):

We've established a place on the portal where people can advertise donations or needs they have.  If you have a room or apartment available, if you need an apartment or a couch or a used textbook, if you have kitchen items or bedding to donate to someone, this exchange will allow our community to match needs with donations.  It is available at