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Stay Strong Long Island

Hofstra Students Respond to Superstorm Sandy

Stay Strong Long Island

On Sunday, November 18th, over 120 students came together at Shuart Stadium for a rally in support of Long Island families experiencing difficult times in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Students gathered at midfield with letters spelling out, “STAY STRONG LONG ISLAND”, while those not holding a sign were flexing their muscles in support of the message.

Students wanted to send a reminder that although the storm has passed, there are still thousands of Long Island families in need of support while dealing with the devastation left behind. Nicole Osovski, Student Athlete Advisory Committee President, said of the rally, “We wanted to show Long Islanders that Hofstra is thinking of them. We understand that the storm may have hit a few weeks ago, but many people are still suffering. Hofstra Athletics will continue to connect with students on campus to take part in hurricane relief efforts, and we wanted to take this picture to remind those in need to stay strong.”

Each person who attended the rally was asked to bring a canned food item. All items will be donated to the Island Harvest Food Bank this week. The photographs taken will be shared with families throughout Long Island.

Students Step Up for Sandy Relief Efforts

Blood Drive Collects More Than 350 Pints

On November 7th, 2012 Hofstra University worked with Long Island Blood Services to host a blood drive. At Hofstra’s drive, held in the Sondra and David S. Mack Student Center, 375 donors were registered and over 350 pints of blood were collected. The Hofstra community worked together to encourage people to donate blood in response to the great need for blood New York and Long Island are seeing after Super Storm Sandy.

“We had lost 6000 units of blood the week of the hurricane and about 12,000 since then do to drives that had to cancel and not being able to rebook some of them due to damage or sites no longer available. Then we had the Nor-Easter on Wednesday which canceled drives again and made it difficult for donors to get to drives that were able to run. The drive at Hofstra helped us to collect 358 pints and save 1074 lives. Thank you so much for all of your support and your commitment to saving lives.”
- Doreen Friscina, Account Manager

“It was great to see the overwhelming response to the blood drive last week. I’m not surprised however, as Hofstra students, staff and faculty are very philanthropic and always looking for ways to help out others in need. From donating blood, to bringing in supplies, or volunteering to help in the recovery efforts of Hurricane Sandy, the Hofstra community stepped up! Hofstra Pride at its best!”
- Peter Libman, Dean of Students.

Weekend Clean-Up

The weekend after Super Storm Sandy over 200 students went out into the communities that surround Hofstra University to help with the cleanup of damages accrued over the week. The volunteers cleaned up homeowner’s properties, rid the area of debris, and passed out food and water to the mass number of people who were in need. The students also delivered care packages to elderly residents who didn’t have heat, bringing not only blankets and food, but warm smiles to the people’s faces.  All of the students who were involved were extremely helpful and the community members that they helped were extremely grateful. The relief effort was lead by two compassionate students, Ji Yeon Hyun and Tabatha Flores, with the help of Anita Ellis and the Office of Off Campus Living and Commuting Student Services.

Long Beach Relief Efforts

Over the last two weeks the Hofstra Community has come together to gather and distribute supplied to the victims of Super Storm Sandy.  Several donation centers were set up across the campus to collect, organize and label good being donated.  On Friday, November 9th, a Hofstra Blue Beetle Bus filled with relief supplied took administrators and students down to Long Beach, Long Island.  Making a brief stop in Freeport to load up more supplied the morning and afternoon allowed the Hofstra community to provide relief and have a first-hand experience is helping the effected communities.

The Supply Drive at Hofstra continues until Wednesday, November 14 and there will be a rally held for the student body on Sunday, November 19 to raise further support and funds.


Hofstra University sent over 20 students to the RXR Plaza to assist in packing up the CanStruction Long Island 2012 exhibit.   The food collected was delivered to Long Island Cares, and distributed to our neighbors who are suffering from hunger, as well as those now also in need of support as a result of the destruction caused by Super Storm Sandy.  Over 40,000 cans of food were organized and sent off for the community.