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Hofstra University - 75th Anniversary
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Hofstra University

Welcome from the 75th Anniversary Chair

It’s been just about three years when we began asking each other “How should we celebrate Hofstra’s 75th anniversary?” What began with a few meetings among our most active alumni and some administrators has grown into an effort that includes hundreds of faculty, students, alumni and staff – all contributing in different ways, offering opinions, helping make decisions, reaching out to colleagues and friends, volunteering and planning programs.

We all took great pains to celebrate the success of our alumni, the academic disciplines and scholarship we’re known for, the eras we’ve lived through, and the traditions we hold dear. Over the course of the year, we’ll celebrate what is best about Hofstra University, in ways that will be fun, engaging, interesting and challenging. I think we’re all most proud of the diversity and richness of the calendar and the many different and innovative ways we’ll look at 75 years of great history, from an academic convocation to a day-long music fest, capped with fireworks, to get us started, to academic conferences that consider the history of the disciplines we study, to panels and lectures from our most notable alumni.

What we realized along the way was how far we had come, from our humble yet great beginnings, to where we are today. It’s thanks to all of you that Hofstra’s reputation, our academic programs and our campus life have grown and changed over the years. I hope you join us for some part of the celebration. It promises to be a fantastic year!

Melissa Kane Connolly, ‘89
Vice President, University Relations
Chair, 75th Anniversary Committee