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Hofstra University - 75th Anniversary
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Hofstra University

In the Residence Halls

75 Educational Interactions: What Will You Learn This Year?

As Hofstra University commemorates its 75th anniversary, Liberty/Republic Halls invite their residents to celebrate Hofstra’s academic excellence with a commitment to participate in 75 educational interactions. Residents will be challenged to seek out educational opportunities by attending lectures and events, working with faculty members, active participation in campus organizations and embracing the many resources the Hofstra community has to offer.

75 Acts of Kindness

The High Rises will be doing “75 Acts of Kindness” – a semester-long challenge in which the residents will seek to help others, extend themselves in their community and demonstrate what Hofstra PRIDE is all about. The first floor to reach 75 acts will win a party of their choice (pizza and Red Mango)for their floor. Be on the look out for building to building competitions.

Struggling to find some creative ways to work out?

Each month Colonial Square will host 75 minutes of an innovative way to exercise. These 75 minutes will be a great way to interact with your Colonial Square staff, residents and peers.

75 Charitable Acts

The Netherlands Complex will be completing 75 Charitable Acts throughout the course of the academic year. A complex wide thermometer will be posted in the Netherlands Core building to monitor progress to the goal. The RA staff and complex residents will work together to plan events in the halls, the complex and the larger Hofstra community.

Room Selection 2011

The first 75 students to sign up to participate in the room selection process for 2011-2012 will receive a surprise 75th Anniversary commemorative gift.

75 Ways to Protect the Environment

Each floor in Nassau and Suffolk Halls will conduct 75 acts to help protect the environment (using a Brita instead of plastic bottles, using Ecoprint, bringing a bag to the grocery store instead of using plastic bags, shutting off the lights in the lounges, etc!). A large banner will be posted in the lobby area to keep track of the 75 ways each floor helps the environment. The first floor to complete their 75 acts will receive a floor party.