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About the Curriculum Materials Center

The Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) houses educational materials for grades pre-K to 12 for use by pre or in-service teachers and counselors. All academic subjects taught in public schools are covered (Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Spanish, Music, Art, Phys. Ed, Health and ESL) including electives such as Calculus, Forensics and foreign languages. Most subjects are represented in all of the following forms:

  • Teacher's Editions of Textbooks
  • Models, Manipulatives and realia
  • Games, including a Psycho/Socio-Educational games collection
  • Software
  • Reference works
  • Journals
  • Children's literature and poetry, including Big Books and non-fiction
  • Videos and DVDs

Additionally the CMC has a professional collection on education topics such as teaching strategies, special education issues etc. Curriculum Bulletins and Theses are also available for reference.

Professor Amy Catalano, the CMC/Education Librarian, provides classes in the use of the Center and can custom tailor a session to meet the needs aof a particular department. She is also available to answer questions regarding the CMC collection as well as those questions related to education as a discipline. In so doing, she is assisted by three full time support staff and several adjunct library faculty.

Questions? Chick Here to chat or make a research appointment