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Workshops and Conferences

Through the Office of Professional Development Services (OPDS), the School of Education annually sponsors or co-sponsors a variety of workshops and conferences that serve as professional development for educators in schools and health and human services professionals in their respective fields.

Attendance at these events is generally pre-approved by schools districts or employers and is offered with two options: tuition-based graduate credit or fee-based non-graduate credit with professional development certification provided to attendees based on the number of contact hours. In the case of workshops or conferences that are co-sponsored by professional organizations, Continuing Education Units (CEU's) are available in order to contribute toward the maintenance of certification, or re-certification. These opportunities can be single day events or a multi-day workshop series/course that spans several weeks or months.

In some cases, special topic conferences on very specific topics or issues will be designed for professionals that occur on a single day.

Additionally, the OPDS works directly with school districts and health and human services employers to provide consultative services on all topics in the respective fields on a fee basis. For school districts that have a partnership with the SOE, special payment arrangements can be made that utilize credits attained by hosting student observers during clinical training.

The Office of Professional Development Services is a full-service operation that assists SOE faculty and administrators, professional organizations in the field, or individual school districts or employers, to plan and execute professional development opportunities for employees. Please use the tabs on this webpage to initiate the planning process to propose and develop a workshop or conference to support your organization's needs.

To see a list of conferences that are open for registration, and to register with a credit/debit card, please visit

Plan a Professional Development Event

The planning for a professional development event should ideally begin approximately 4-6 months before its actual date. Due to the premium on appropriate Hofstra space for such opportunities, it is important to determine potential dates at least this far in advance and sooner if possible. The need to book space, determine the meal options, and plan for the effective use of the facilities through Hofstra University’s Events Management office results in this being a long-term planning effort. The use of the Timeline and Check Off List in this planning tool will guide you in the initial preparation for discussing the wide range of possibilities. After you have reviewed these two documents, please complete and submit the Application Form.

You will be contacted by the OPDS within three business days of submitting the form to further discuss and plan for your event. If you are in need of any additional information prior to submitting the form, please feel free to call the Office of Professional Development services at (516) 463-5750.

  • Initiate a conversation with colleagues regarding the needs of a conference/workshop/ professional development opportunity. An approximate time-table would be four to six months prior to event. For major or large conferences, six to twelve months prior to the event.
  • Discuss structure of the conference and space needs: Large group plenary sessions, breakout sessions.
  • Conference speakers: Identify appropriate speakers, discuss honoraria, travel costs for major speakers Conference fees must be planned to cover all major expenses and university contracts must be issued for speakers with payments in excess of $500
  • Budget: Estimate projected costs vs. income; set tentative registration cost based on funding needed
  • Donations: Identify possible organizations, individuals, or departments who could be approached to underwrite costs of the conference
  • Site visit to examine available space
  • Meet with OPDS staff to discuss all aspects of conference
  • Estimate size of conference: Likely attendees, outreach to prospective registrants
  • Develop publicity template: “Save the Date,” brochure or flyer; e-mail lists or ListServs
  • Plan a time schedule for the conference: Start time, end time, breaks, timing for meals (if provided).
  • Decide on meals during the conference: Breakfast, lunch, special food arrangements
  • Audiovisual needs for conference: General sessions, breakout sessions
  • Layout of large areas: Arrangement of tables and chairs; transition from activity to activity
  • Ordering of food: Initial, closer to conference based on registration trends; final adjustments
  • Determine what handouts should be included in the conference folder and be prepared to provide them to the OPDS by ten days before the event.
  • _____ Create a planning committee or group to guide the conference or workshop development process.
  • _____ Choose a theme and/or focus for the event.
  • _____ Identify participant/attendees and project possible numbers.
  • _____ Generate a list of prospective speakers and workshop leaders for the conference.
  • _____ Discuss possible donors who might be able to contribute to underwriting conference/workshops in order to keep registration costs down to participants.
  • _____ Set up a meeting with the OPDS to discuss progress to date, and discuss the following details:
    • _____ Space needs for conference/workshop.
    • _____ Publicity:
      • _____ "Save the Date" flyer
      • _____ Brochure and/or flyer development
      • _____ Target audience for publicity
      • _____ Mailing/distribution timetable
      • _____ Responsibility for mailing/distribution
    • _____ Develop preliminary budget.
    • _____ Hour-by-hour itinerary for conference.
    • _____ Meal/food plans initially designed.
    • _____ Initiate requests for audiovisual services and layout of large group meeting areas.
  • _____ Track final details of the conference/workshop until event
  • _____ Monitor registrants and make final adjustment in food order and in physical arrangements for all facilities to be used.
  • _____ Confer with OPDS to discuss conference registration on the day of the event and any support that the planning group should provide for a smooth check in process.
  • _____ Confirm any final changes in audiovisual support for the conference/ workshop.
  • _____ On the day of the conference/workshop, check in frequently with OPDS personnel to ensure that all aspects of the event are proceeding according to plan.
  • _____ After the conference/workshop is over, contact the OPDS to discuss any details that require attention before the books are officially closed for the event.
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Office of Professional Development Services Payments

Attendees may pay for attendance at conferences and workshops with cash. It is not suggested that cash be sent by mail. Cash payment, with a registration form, may occur on-site on the day of the conference or prior to the conference at:

Office of Professional Development Services
119 Hofstra University
233 Hagedorn Hall
Hempstead, NY 11549-1190

All attendees may pay for attendance at conferences and workshops by check. Send a registration form and check to:

Office of Professional Development Services
119 Hofstra University
233 Hagedorn Hall
Hempstead, NY 11549-1190

Most conferences/workshops/professional development opportunities can be paid via Visa or MasterCard. Please View credit card payment information for current conferences.

School districts may pay for attendance at conferences and workshops by purchase order. Purchase orders may be processed in the following ways:

Through the mail to:
Office of Professional Development Services
119 Hofstra University
233 Hagedorn Hall
Hempstead, NY 11549-1190

  • By fax, to the Office of Professional Development Services, at: (516) 463-6006
  • By .pdf attachment to an e-mail. Please send to: Diane Cecere

Contact Us

Questions regarding the conferences, workshops and professional development opportunities listed on this webpage or wish to further explore the potential of developing an event, please contact:

Director of Professional Development Services

Roberto Joseph, PhD
Associate Professor
Program Director, M.A. in Technology for Learning
Phone: 516-463-5086

Senior Assistant to Office of Professional Development

Diane Cecere
Hagedorn Hall room 233
(516) 463-5750

Office of Professional Development Services

119 Hofstra University
233 Hagedorn Hall
Hempstead, NY 11549-1190