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Position Description and Candidate Specifications

Position Description | Candidate Specifications

Position Description

Hofstra University seeks exceptional candidates to fill the position of Provost and Sr. Vice President of Academic Affairs. Reporting to the President, the Provost is the University’s chief academic officer responsible for setting priorities and driving excellence across Hofstra's educational and research programs. This is an opportunity to partner with Hofstra’s new president, Dr. Susan Poser, and the senior management team in leading a university embarking on an exciting and ambitious new chapter. The Provost provides leadership for the planning, development, implementation, assessment, and improvement of all academic and research programs, policies, budget and supporting infrastructure. The Provost plays a critical role in setting Hofstra's academic vision and is the senior executive responsible for the execution and implementation of the University’s academic programs and research initiatives. The Provost is responsible for ensuring the University’s academic excellence by facilitating faculty and dean recruitment and retention and university-level review of all tenure and promotion actions.

The Provost’s portfolio includes oversight of the university’s schools, colleges, and libraries, with the exception of the medical school, which reports to the president. The Provost chairs the university senate and oversees relations with the faculty union. The Provost has management oversight of more than 1,100 faculty and collaborates with other campus leaders on a wide range of strategic and operational issues, with significant influence over university strategy and budget. The Provost is a key advisor to the President and along with the President and other members of the senior management team, represents Hofstra to the Board of Trustees and external constituents.

The next Provost of Hofstra will work hand-in-hand with the President in developing and executing the university’s mission and strategy, including growth of the research and scholarly enterprise. Meaningful appreciation of all academic disciplines practiced at the University, and an understanding of how to support and advance faculty research and scholarship across the disciplines will be critical to the success of the Provost. The Provost will have the opportunity to apply vision and experience in enhancing Hofstra’s stature nationally and internationally.

Key Relationships

  • Reports to Susan Poser, President
  • Current Direct reports
    • Vice Provosts for Academic Affairs, Research and Sponsored Programs, Budget and Planning, Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, Accreditation
    • Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which includes:
      • Peter S. Kalikow School of Government, Public Policy and International Affairs
      • School of Education
      • School of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts
      • School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    • Center for “Race” Cultural and Social Justice
    • Center for Civic Engagement
    • School of Health Professions and Human Services
    • Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library
    • Hofstra Northwell School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies
    • Stuart and Nancy Rabinowitz Honors College
    • Frank G. Zarb School of Business
    • Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science
    • The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication
    • The Saltzman Community Services Center
    • Maurice A. Deane School of Law
    • The National Center for Suburban Studies
    • Museum of Art
    • John Cranford Adams Playhouse

Other key relationships

  • Board of Trustees
  • Vice Presidents
  • Health Care Partners
  • Local and Regional Community Leaders

Candidate Specifications

Hofstra University's next Provost will be a committed partner to a new President and senior leadership team in continuing Hofstra’s impressive trajectory of growth and excellence. The ideal candidate for Hofstra's Provost will excel at building, leading, and working within collaborative and diverse teams; bringing innovative ideas to the table; successfully executing operational plans; championing Hofstra to external constituents; and, demonstrating excitement and talent for transformative change – built upon and strengthened through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ideal Experience

  • Strong scholarly credentials. Candidates must possess a terminal degree, preferably an earned doctorate, a distinguished academic record, and qualifications to attain tenure as a full professor.
  • A deep appreciation for research and scholarship and fundamentally committed to the core university mission of teaching and learning.
  • Strong academic and administrative leadership experience overseeing a complex organization, preferably at a research university.
  • Experience overseeing complex organizations, as well as a sophisticated understanding of the academic, financial, and operational aspects that characterize a complex university.
  • Skill and acumen in setting financial priorities and allocating resources in a manner that is data-informed, innovative and responsible.
  • Proven ability to initiate and execute creative academic, research, and student-oriented strategies that have lasting impact.
  • Demonstrated experience successfully supporting and advocating for the core institutional values of diversity, equity and inclusion, and the ability to point to specific initiatives and improvements in this area.
  • A record of attracting, mentoring, and retaining exceptionally talented individuals, and building a team of academic leaders who collaborate effectively to build innovative programs.
  • Collaborative and transparent leadership committed to the importance of disciplinary strength as well as innovative interdisciplinary efforts.
  • An authentic, engaging interpersonal style that values and thrives on interacting with faculty members across diverse academic units, students at all stages of their educational journey, administrators, staff, alumni, the Board of Trustees, and external constituents.

Academic Vision and Strategic Leadership

In close collaboration with the President and senior leadership team, the Provost will build on the institution’s significant strengths to support and expand the research enterprise and embrace innovation. In an increasingly competitive global market for educational and research funding, the Provost will evaluate the needs, excellence, and sustainability of current programs to ensure that the University effectively deploys resources to support its strategic vision. The Provost will cultivate and develop the partnerships required to ensure the continued expansion of the academic enterprise at Hofstra, thereby raising the institution’s national and international profile. The Provost will also work with the leadership team to expand Hofstra’s global partnerships and will be responsible for overseeing the university’s online education strategy. As the academic face of the University, in collaboration with the senior management team, the Provost will develop and articulate positions on, and responses to, the changing landscape of higher education.

Inclusive and Collaborative Leadership

The Provost will be an exemplary leader who advances Hofstra’s core commitment to pursue diversity, equity, and inclusion. This attention to diversity covers efforts related to race, ethnicity, origin, gender, and sexual orientation for faculty, students and staff with widely varying experiences, backgrounds, perspectives, and disciplinary expertise. In an institution with a strong history of shared governance, the next Provost of Hofstra will be a broad-minded, intellectually curious leader who listens well and is prepared to make decisions. The next Provost must personally demonstrate inclusive excellence, bringing people together, working collaboratively with the President and other senior leaders, creating an environment where all voices are invited and heard, facilitating challenging discussions, making decisions in a transparent fashion about where Hofstra will exand and redirect its efforts, and articulating decisions in a manner that builds understanding and buy-in on important decisions.

Financial and Operational Acumen

The Provost will bring an informed interdisciplinary perspective to the systemic changes occurring in higher education, as well as demonstrated talent for crafting an effective strategy that is responsive to those changes and for managing the long-term financial health of Hofstra. The ambitions of the talented Hofstra faculty – for distinctive programs, research, positions, support, space – naturally exceed resources, and the Provost will be a key voice in setting priorities and allocating resources. Working with the President and Senior Vice President for Financial Affairs, the Provost will deploy Hofstra’s operating and capital resources, direct the institution’s academic priorities, and exercise financial decision-making with rigor and discipline and in a manner that is objective, transparent, and data-driven in collaboration with other members of the senior management team. The Provost will also need to be thoughtful in aligning incentives for deans, unit heads and department chairs with the academic strategy of the campus. The Provost will also be expected to attract talented colleagues to these roles and to develop a spirit of shared purpose, strategic alignment, collegiality, and teamwork across disciplines.

Other Personal Characteristics

  • Ambitious, creative, agile and innovative
  • A community builder with high cultural and emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Visible and approachable
  • A commitment to advancing diverse points of view and backgrounds
  • Uncompromising integrity and the highest ethical and moral standards

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