Scholarship Nexus

Scholarship Opportunities

Hofstra University encourages all of its students to explore the possibility of outside grants and scholarships for their graduate education.

A funded learning opportunity can change your life and boost your career. Many generous grants and scholarships are available that provide financial support for a limited term (months or years) but also remain with you as a lifelong distinction.

A serious application requires careful planning and consideration. The earlier one begins to imagine and anticipate such opportunities, the better one's chances of success later on. Some scholarships require a specific project proposal, which also requires a great deal of careful preparation and consultation. Start early and talk to as many people as possible about your hopes, dreams, interests and plans!

The process of applying for a grant or scholarship is in itself very worthwhile in helping a student to clarify advanced research interests and career goals. The process entails and promotes a self-awareness that prepares students for graduate and professional school, -- and for future scholarship or grant applications.

Scholarships are very competitive and generally a student needs a GPA of at least 3.5 to be a competitive candidate, but one should always examine the specific description and eligibility requirements for any scholarship of interest.

To get started, speak to professors and advisors in your field or fields, and to the postgraduate scholarship coordinator in Hofstra University's Honors College.

In this web site we feature an annotated list of Prestigious Scholarships including a link to the sponsoring organizations. You will also find a calendar of deadlines, search engines to help you seek out additional scholarships, a list of Hofstra students and faculty who have received such awards and a page of frequently asked questions.