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Safety at Hofstra is everybody's business. Hofstra students, faculty, and staff are partners with the University in creating an atmosphere that is safe and conducive to learning. The Resident Safety program is an integral part of campus safety. Resident Safety is a unique effort that strives to provide students with the safety they deserve on a college campus. By providing 24-hour coverage, seven days per week, the program effectively regulates the flow of residents and guests who enter the residence halls, and ultimately safeguards the buildings.

Working for Resident Safety

Many students choose to work as Resident Safety Representatives (RSRs) because of its many benefits. Some of those benefits are:

  • Contribute to the safety of your campus. As an RSR, you play an important role in upholding the safety of the residence halls. RSRs take pride in their jobs, knowing that they help make the campus a safer place.
  • Choose your own hours. The program operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Therefore, students are able to create work schedules that accommodate their busy lives.
  • Work close to home. Working on campus makes employment accessible to students who do not have their own transportation, maintain hectic schedules, etc. Some students even choose to work in their own residence hall.
  • Meet new people. The Resident Safety program is made up of over 350 students. RSRs have extensive contact with residents, their guests, and other RSRs. This exposure can lead to new friendships. 
  • Gain great work experience. Working for Resident Safety prepares you for future employment when you graduate from Hofstra University. You gain valuable experience dealing with people, resolving difficult situations, problem-solving, and protecting people and property.
  • Opportunity for advancement. RSRs can apply for the Team Leader and Resident Safety Shift Coordinator positions when they feel they are ready to take on additional responsibilities. Resident Safety Shift Coordinators can advance to the Student Coordinator position, the highest position available to students in the Resident Safety program.

To apply, stop by our office located in Room 140B Mack Student Center or email us.

0000-0800 $11.00 per hour
0800-2400 $9.50 per hour

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ID Policy

HOFSTRA STUDENTS (current students with a valid HofstraCard)

  • All residents must swipe themselves into their own residence hall.
  • Students visiting the residence halls will leave their ID with the RSR and be signed in. The RSR will verify the resident host's name using the student roster and swipe the student's HofstraCard through the card reader before allowing entry. 
  • If the card reader shows "Expired" when the HofstraCard is swiped or if it is an Alumni HofstraCard, the individual will be signed in as a guest.

GUESTS (anyone without a valid Hofstra HofstraCard)

  • Guests of resident students will leave a valid picture ID with the RSR and be signed in. 
  • All guests must be escorted into the building by the resident host, or they will not be permitted to enter. The RSR must verify the host's name using the student roster before allowing entry.

Failure to comply with the ID Policy will result in the issuance of a warning. 

For more information, please contact the Resident Safety Office at 516-463-6612.

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