Research and Sponsored Programs

Proposal Preparation


As of June 16, 2017, the DHHS-approved F&A rates (aka indirect cost rates) for the University are as follows:

Indirect Cost Rates Effective 9/1/2017:

On-Campus Rate: 51.60% *

Off-Campus Rate: 24.80% *

*of salaries and wages, including fringe benefits

Fringe Benefit Rates:

Faculty Summer Salary: 7.65% (FICA)

Faculty AY Release Time: 30%

Projected Annual Increases for Proposal Budgets (as per Collective Bargaining Agreement):

9/2017: 2.5%

OTPS: 3.0%

IRB Registration/Assurance Numbers:

DHHS IRB Registration #: 00003656

OHRP Federal Wide Assurance #: FWA00005194

Other Identification Numbers:

Employer ID No.: 11-163-0906

DUNS Number: 065-93-1800

U.S. Congressional District: 4 th

Business Car Mileage Rate: 53.5 cents (2017)

Authorizing Institutional Official and Official to Notify in Case of an Award:

Sofia Kakoulidis

Associate Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs

200 West Library Wing

144 Hofstra University

Hempstead, New York 11549-1440

REMINDER: All proposals submitted by a faculty member or an administrator must go through the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs and be approved by Hofstra’s authorized institutional officials.

If you need assistance with proposal development and/or budget preparation, please contact the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs at 516-463-6810, and we will be happy to answer any questions or meet with you regarding your project ideas.

POLICY: An ORSP Proposal Review Form must be completed and approved by the project director, the chairperson, the dean of the school, and other University officials prior to the submission of the proposal. We request that you submit your proposal for review at least two business weeks before the deadline.